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Take me with you: Billie Iveson’s travel essentials

I travel all the time for work, on trips ranging from a couple of days to sometimes over five weeks on the road for the fashion show circuit. Occassionally there are missteps but for the most part I have packing down to a fine art. As we're moving into the warmer months and holidays are on the horizon, this is a list of the essentials I always come back to.

I only use hard cases to protect everything inside. The AWAY large bag in navy is the perfect size for a longer trip and a slightly easier colour to pick out at luggage collection.

I use this travel roll-on essential oil on the plane – as it smells of lavender and is really calming.

I’ve just started using the Rationale range so it will be coming with me. This mask will, hopefully, help with the plane dehydration.

If I am travelling for longer than a week I like to take my In Bed cashmere rug. It isn’t too large and is perfect for when it suddenly gets cold or for when lying on hotel beds answering emails.

I got given this book as a gift and though my schedule is usually busy when I'm away I always try and find some time to keep reading.

Jeannie at Venustus often gives me different crystals when I see her depending on what I need. Currently I have a Tiger’s Eye one that is heavy but as I’m not travelling for too long I’m willing to forgo an extra couple of shirts to fit it in.

This Christopher Esber dress from My Chameleon is perfect for travelling across different climates. It’s heavy enough to keep warm in the air conditioning as well as warmer nights with the sleeves removed.

I always bring my workout gear as it's often easier when there is a hotel gym to fit in a session than when at home. If there isn’t a gym I take resistance bands and do an at-home workout from Fluid Form pilates.