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On a new note: Samsung launches new S22 range bringing back the famous note features

When it comes to tech upgrades, we often find ourselves attached to certain functionalities. As soon as there is any announcement at any major key note address we await to see our digital fate. Will we still have our favourite swipe up feature, home feature? What will be replaced and what will be a main stay for the next model? Well now it seems we don't have to wait long, as Samsung has made their first major smartphone announcement of the year, with its 2022 flagship smartphone coming in overnight in a global announcement.

Samsung s22

From what we understand, the Samsung Galaxy Note has now been morphed into the Galaxy S series of phones. The new series contains three new phones, all with the expected features of the flagship “Galaxy S” device. One of the most exciting additions is that the largest screen device is not just S-Pen compatible, but now contains an S-Pen stylus.

The announcement naturally included information about the Ultra model. The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra appears different to the other S22 devices in fact, it could be mistaken for another model all together. The Ultra has a vastly different design, with a closer edged screen measuring in at a larger 6.8 inches. Its unique design is designed to be set apart, while still holding the appeal for the many loyal fans of the original Samsung Galaxy Note series.

In terms of features, the S-Pen slides into the base of the phone so it's easily retractable, and allows for seamless on-screen note-taking. In recent years, handwriting recognition has quickly advanced to being the easier alternative to writing on pen and paper, shaving minutes off planning and organisation.

All three of the phones feature a 4nm processor allowing for quick acting performance, the battery lasting for over a day without needing a charge. With all new major smartphone model roll outs, the photo performance remains top of the agenda. In this case, the low-light photography capabilities are a highlight. With the Night mode photos allowing for clearer software processing, and a 23 per cent larger sensor letting more light into the camera.

You can find the devices direct on the Samsung website, along with all major retailers.

We don't know about you, but we feel like now has never been a better time to upgrade a new smartphone.

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Image: Instagram