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Home label SUKU wants you to celebrate all things night-time

SUKU Night Night

Home and loungewear brand SUKU has always been about embracing the morning. Those quiet moments in the early sunlight that offer joy for the fresh day to come.

But, recently, this brand has fallen for the night. A time of closure and transition, night offers a reset. A rest and reprieve. Night-time is the time to come out to play, or to seek comfort in the simple pleasures of life. Thus, SUKU's designed a winter collection that is all about celebrating the night.

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It's called Night, Night and it's a collection that wants you to take pleasure in the comfort of the evening. Night, Night, is a playful take on classic nightwear and bedding, imagined in the colours of the night sky. Think billowing pyjama sets with star like designs, robes with earthy prints and bedding sets in midnight tones.

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The pyjama sets embrace the signature designs we've come to know from SUKU. And these particular pieces are made from soft and luxurious bamboo fabric - which is certainly one of the most sustainable fabrics out there, earning a big RUSSH tick of approval.

A unique touch, all SUKU pyjamas are designed to be mixed and matched, created in prints that transcend seasonality. The bedding range has been created just as thoughtfully. The easy-going prints and classic colours can be injected into any room without disturbing your decor or aesthetic.

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Night, Night also includes a range of puffer jackets to help you beat that evening chill. They're full length and have taken inspiration from Victorian quilted robes. Designed as outerwear that is still comfortable enough to be worn indoors, they're perfect for chilly days and cosy evenings indoors.

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A holistic experience, SUKU invites you to listen to its curated Night, Night playlist. A list of songs designed to help you find joy in the restfulness and comfort that comes from the close of another day, as you wear the pieces from the nightwear collection.

Head to the SUKU website to explore Night, Night in its entirety.

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