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So bad it’s good? We examine the popularity of the functional summer shoe

This season we’re taking a look at ugly sandals - the kind that so many swore off in the early 00s. The kind that if your dad owned them, and former you was embarrassed by his wearing of them, are likely now trending. With a so-bad-they’re-good attitude and a clear call for comfort, we’ve rounded up our picks of the best ugly sandals to see you through the holiday season.

With a foam sole and Velcro fastenings for hard-core security – this sandal will come as a blessing for those who are ready to ‘slip into something a little more comfortable’ in a literal, and practical, sense. Walk easy.

Maybe the chicest ode to the 90s on the market, these foam and leather platform flip-flips are a blast from the past that doesn’t make us cringe as much as frosted tips do. Flip-flops returned to our feet the minute we saw Scandinavian girls swanning about in the humble Havaiana during Copenhagen Fashion Week in 2018, and since then have only gotten more streamlined in appearance - case-in-point when adapted by The Row.

If this doesn’t look like the most comfortable sandal to grace your foot with, we’d like to know what that does look like to you. With suede velcro straps and a contoured leather upper sole, this shoe is a chic, orthopaedic dream.

After a Birkenstock resurgence in 2013, these have been a solid fall back for potters, painters and parents alike. Leaning on a more robust fabrication than it’s functional counterparts, the Birkenstock can withstand a whole lot, and with function and form at its core, there’s not much you can’t do in a Birk.