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9 small space styling ideas anyone can use to make the most of your home

10 small space styling ideas to make the most of your itty bitty home

If you're working with pretty minimal square-footage in your home or apartment, or you just want to get the most out of the space that you have, there are a few important styling tips, tricks and ideas that you might want to incorporate as you pick out furnishings and homewares.

Working within the confines of a small space can be tricky – especially if you aren't an interior designer by nature – and there are lots of things to consider before you simply measure up and head to the nearest furniture department store. What do you want your space to feel like? What do you want it to look like? And arguably most importantly, how do yo plan on using it? Are you an entertainer, dreaming of your next dinner party or will your space be a sanctuary for you alone? The same space might be designed wildly differently according to how you answer these types of questions.

Below, we've summarised some of our best tips, tricks and ideas for styling small spaces so that you can get the most out of your itty bitty home.


1. Less is more

If you're looking to keep your space looking spacious and clean, then there's no easier way than simply keeping it tidy and minimal. Opt to hide clutter in drawer or storage out of sight, and keep your kitchen benches, table tops and living spaces clear from junk. Optically, your space will look and feel more spacious, with the added benefit of a tidy home.


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2. Think vertically

If you're struggling to fit things into a room, don't forget that wall space can be utilised effectively for storage – and can often add an element of depth to your space's design. We're aware that drilling a shelf into the wall isn't exactly renter friendly, but some adhesive hooks or storage options from places like IKEA can often make your kitchen or bathroom a much more functional and less crowded space.


3. Keep things light and bright

Dark rooms inherently feel smaller and more intimate, which is probably an atmosphere you're looking to maximise in your already-small space. If you want to open up your home, keep your walls and ceilings a light, bright and neutral colour where possible – saving those pops of colour and warmth for your furnishings, linens and decor if you're so inclined.


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4. Customise or source bespoke furnishings

If you have the time and money, there isn't anything more special that customising or sourcing bespoke furnishings made to measure for your space. It's the best way to absolutely maximise the space, functionality and style of your space – whether you're building a window bench with storage, or a custom bookshelf.


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5. Keep the floor clear

Floor space is a precious and, in this case, limited resource. Anywhere that you can lift furnishings or household items off the ground will help to create the illusion of more floor space, making your home look and feel bigger. Try mounting your lighting on the wall as a sconce, or hanging up any framed artworks you might have leaning on a table or the floor. Perhaps you have the capacity to install a wall-mounted cabinet or shelving, or maybe you just have a stack of books or items in a room corner that you can shuffle onto a shelf or table.


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6. Use flexible furnishings

Finding furnishings that can move and adapt with your lifestyle can be key to making your space functional. The popular extendable dining table is a great way to keep your space minimal during the week, while still being able to host a couple friends on the weekend for dinner. Need a desk for the odd day you work from home? Why not find a fold-out wall-mounted one that you can simply pack away when not in use? If you're really fighting for space, consider the classic Murphy bed. Don't watch TV much? Why not opt for a projector or a hidden TV that you can pull out on those one-off movie nights?


7. Don't be afraid of colour

It may be tempting to conflate a neutral colour palette with a cleaner, lighter and larger-looking space, but it's a trap that many of us fall into that leaves our homes feeling, frankly boring and homogenous. While we won't stop you from painting every wall a different colour, our suggestion is to add some fun furnishings or decorations in bolder colours or patterns to jazz the space up and give it character and warmth.


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8. Reconsider the overhead light

Yes, we never thought we'd see the day when we told you to use your overhead lighting, but hear us out. While we're still not advocates for the fluorescent downlighting, we'll definitely count ourselves as fans of some sultry, whimsical or fun hanging lights and lanterns. Of course, the paper lantern is a staple these days, but we're also loving these fun bedside lampshades. Not only do they look gorgeous, but they leave your bedside free for books, bags and trinkets.


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9. Waste no space

It might sound simple, but it's important to remember that even those unconventional spaces that usually get no love or use in a bigger home can be revamped and utilised in our tiny spaces. Under the stairs, on top of tall furnishings, or behind a door can all be treasure troves of storage space that can be the difference between your space being cluttered and functional.


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