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In the name of Sleep Awareness Week, the ‘RUSSH’ editors share their bedtime rituals for a good night’s sleep

National Sleep Awareness Week

Golden slumbers fill your eyes. If only falling asleep was as easy as listening to The Beatles. For some it is, for others not so much. Whatever your relationship to slumber is, for one week the National Sleep Foundation is asking that we contemplate our relationship with sleep, in the hope that it can lead to an improvement in our overall well-being. It's called National Sleep Awareness Week, and we're in the midst of it right now.

Unsurprisingly the RUSSH team also love sleep (you'd be hard pressed to find someone who didn't), and so over the years we've established our own bedtime rituals that ensure we're getting the best night's sleep possible. But before we get into them, we thought it prudent to answer a few of your other questions on National Sleep Awareness Week, from what exactly it is to how we can foster healthy sleep hygiene. Find them, below.


World Sleep Day takes place on the Friday of National Sleep Awareness Week. That means it falls on March 18 this year.


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