Skin nutrition consult, Luna Beauty & Apothecary

Being a Naturopath and beauty therapist gives Fay at a Luna Beauty & Apothecary a unique holistic insight into skin. Her skin nutrition consult is the perfect starting point for those wanting to understand sensitive or acne-prone skin, or to look into how their diet may manifest on their face. Firstly, Fay makes you complete a food diary which she then discusses in detail with you, along with your skin concerns – whether they are skin reactions, hormonal acne or just tricky skin. As is the case with skin, it is often never just one thing causing the issue. This is then followed by a short facial (you will be left wanting to come for a standalone facial with Fay’s magic hands). You leave with skincare recommendations, supplement prescriptions if needed, and a guide to getting your skin on track. This is the perfect treatment for skin concerns that are not easily fixed with topical treatments alone. What goes on internally shows externally.