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Never fail: six dresses to take you anywhere

With the rise in demand for slow fashion pieces, conversation often turns to the perfect minimal wardrobe, and the pieces that best belong in one for longevity's sake. The modern woman doesn’t need a pair of shoes for each day of the week, for example, she needs a pair of cotton suit pants and interchangeable t-shirts.

The Little Black Dress has been an essential in the most traditional sense for decades, but with summer just around the corner and a desire for a more diverse idea than the literal ‘LBD’, we’ve compiled a collection of dresses you'd feel comfortable wearing in any setting - to last you through this season and beyond.

A cotton dream. With the flowy silhouette, elasticated waist and pockets built into the skirt, this dress is perfect for market days and balmy nights. We like to roll the skirt under the waistband for an ankle grazing appearance in the day, and let down into the night for a more formal effect.

From left: @shop_nona. @maimoun_ny.

A minty moment. For those who aren’t afraid of colour, consider this sorbet toned slip cut on the bias. The low back and thin straps show just enough in the evening, while the mid length hem restores balance.

For the traditionalist. This is as close to LBD as we’re going to get, folks. With a straight neckline, low back and short hem, pair with sneakers or a sandal in the day and switch out for a boot or heel when you hit the bar. Optional addition: a red lip.

Rendezvous ready. This stretch knit midi tank dress would be our pick for a date day or night, making the slinky straps and back slit detail perfect for deciding how much you want your counterpart to see.

For the extrovert. The loudest of our suggestions so far, this dress is for those who are on the animal print train in the least classic way. Best worn with bare skin and minimal accessories, in this piece you are the occasion.

For the introvert. Chanelling a more demure approach, this basic wrap dress constructed out of raw silk is perfect for hot days where undressing near a body of water (in a timely manner) is essential.