Simplicity meets power: Victoria Buckley’s Firebird ring is an homage to the Phoenix

Victoria Buckley’s Firebird collection, inspired by the mythology of the Phoenix and incorporating ideas of rebirth through vibrantly coloured, rare and soft gems, launches at the brand's Strand Arcade store, on ground level.

The Firebird ring, rich in elegance and high on shine, features an 18ct white gold band and white diamond details, crafted to symbolise the rebirth in you. Delicate yet visually striking, the 1.67ct Morganite stone at the ring's apex brings a fiery light to this unique piece, intricately rendered using a combination of heritage techniques and new age technologies designed by Buckley herself. To complete the aesthetic there are four double claws latching onto the gem stone, evoking the image of Phoenix talons, further bringing the piece's inspiration to life.

A talisman for the now, this is a ring that will never fail you - the ultimate complement to an everyday look, icy simplicity with a firey heart.