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Your new signature scent – introducing Silky Woods by Goldfield & Banks

Australia's first luxury fragrance house invites you on a new journey courtesy of its newest creation - Silky Woods. Move over Santal 33, this is a scent destined to serve as your next signature. Masterminded by Goldfield & Banks, this new perfume, of course, comes with a story. One born right here in Australia.

What defines Goldfield & Banks and sets it apart from other fragrance houses is it's use of high-quality and Australian-grown ingredients. Australian botanicals are some of the most sought after and most highly regarded ingredients for perfumers all over the world. Goldfield & Banks seeks to highlight their beauty and uniqueness for all to see. The newest addition to the range - Silky Woods - is a true ode to this ethos.

Silky Wood spotlights the olfactory elegance of agarwood. This wood species is grown in plantations, deep within Queensland's Daintree Rainforest - the oldest rainforest in the world. Here, the intoxicatingly-scented agarwood is grown and harvested with the highest scientific and sustainability standard. And it is this unique approach to Australian agarwood that captured the attention of perfumer and Goldfield & Banks creator Dimitri Weber.



Agarwood is a scent that has been used in fragrance all over the world for years, but the organic Australian plantation inspired Dimitri to create a modern take on agarwood. Thus Silky Wood was born. A woody, smoky fragrance that feels silky on the skin and can be worn by anyone and everyone for all occasions.

Silky Wood combines agarwood, tobacco, saffron, ylang ylang, vanilla and sandalwood in light yet heady aroma that lingers in your mind long after the scent has faded. A perfume that conjures candle lit moments shared with a lover. At the same time, it's energetic, a luxurious accoutrement to a tailored suit. It's exotic, expensive and contemporary - a fragrance that carries your from sunrise to sunset.

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