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Shake your hips

Looking for a targeted hip workout? You’re not alone. From Australia’s biggest international models to thousands of professionals, hips and thighs are the most common area of contention. So, what to do?

Your body reflects your lifestyle
Behaviours that cause weight gain include missing exercise, portion control, drinking most nights, skipping meals, or under-eating through the morning and overeating at night. It’s these little things that make a large long-term difference, and putting goals in place to address them is key to achieving

The following workout is designed to activate the glute muscles while developing lean muscle through the hips and butt. The theory is activating muscles that need to work; working them with long, slow, controlled movements and then fast, functional and athletic exercises.

Rubber band
Skipping rope

“The only long-term cure to excess weight around the hips and thighs is found with healthy diet and plenty of exercise.”

Hip extensions: 30 each side

Starting on all fours, raise one leg behind you whilst keeping your knee bent. Kick your leg in an upwards movement behind you.

Return your knee back to the floor and repeat 30x on each side.

Crab walks: 20 each direction (with band)

Secure the band around your ankles and move into a squatting position.

Move sideways by taking 20 large steps to the left. Repeat by taking 20 large steps to the right.

One leg dead lifts: 20 each side

Stand up straight then bend forward reaching both arms to the ground and lifting one leg back, keeping it as straight as possible. Aim for 20 sets per leg.

Running: 1km

Run as fast as you can for 1km.

High knees skipping: One minute

Using a skipping rope, skip as usual but try to keep your knees high. The key is to try and obtain as much height as possible.

Repeat four to five times.