Saturday night fever hits with the new Chanel eyeshadow

Disco is back, baby. Think Donna Summer, your shortest mini and highest heels - we’re taking the new Chanel eye palette out dancing. Grab your purse but leave the phone at home, this is a do-not-disturb kind of night.

Two shades of brown and two of blue, mixed for your ideal intensity of shadow and highlight. If you need a little application inspiration, Chanel have included a how-to card with suggestions. The first look calls for a medium base on the lower lid, paired with the light shade on the upper for an wide-eyed Twiggy moment.

Look two amps up the intensity on the base of your lid with a dark hue and extending the highlight toward the eye’s inner corner. Pair with a dark lip and you’ll be ready to groove the night away with Tony Manero at the roller disco.

 Nestled inside Chanel’s signature sleek black casing, this one is the ideal size for slipping out to the bathroom for a quick touch-up. And if you lose the applicator on the dance floor, never fear - fingers are perfect for reapplying a smudged out smoky look, sure to see you through 'til morning.

CHANEL Les 4 Ombres Multi-Effect Quadra eyeshadow in Blurry Blue