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Would you wear a smart ring?

Samsung Galaxy Ring

Wearable tech is moving to the next level.

Samsung has announced the launch of its Galaxy Ring  – a ring that connects to your phone, just like a smart watch would.

The design may seem superfluous to those who are keen lovers of their smart watches, but for many, smart watches are cumbersome and may not always be practical to wear to more formal occasions or to sleep in.

The Galaxy Ring is a sleeker and less conspicuous cousin to the existing wearable tech on the market. And its considered design – coming in three colours, gold, silver and black – means it can be worn for work, rest and play.


What does the Galaxy Ring do?

This particular generation of wearable tech is designed primarily as a wellness tracker. A perfect device for those who love to track steps and sleep cycles without the buzzing notifications and extra screen that comes with wearing a smart watch.

There are sensors on the inside of the Galaxy Ring that allow the device to check and track a range of data points including the wearers heart rate, breathing rate and movement. The ring will then synergise these to offer you a range of wellness insights.

So, what can the Galaxy Ring tell you? Well, you'll be able to see your activity and heart rate of course. You'll also get insights about breath, estimated calorie burn and steps. But what's new is the enhanced sleep tracking. The Galaxy Ring will be able to report on 'sleep latency' which is the amount of time is takes you to fall asleep. There is also a feature that can detect sleep apnea.

All these data points will then also feed into a central, overall wellness grade called 'My Vitality' that is set to appear in the Samsung Health app later in 2024.

The device will also apparently have menstrual cycle tracking capabilities.

According to Samsung: "Galaxy Ring is being unveiled as a new health form factor that simplifies everyday wellness, supporting smarter and healthier living via a more connected digital wellness platform — Samsung Health."


Is the Galaxy Ring a replacement for the Galaxy Watch?

No, they're actually designed to be worn together. If you have both a Ring and Watch, the two devices can work together to track your health metrics more accurately and provide a better experience when you review your stats in the Samsung Health app.

Of course, you can just pick one. If you love your extra screen and notifications, you can stick with your watch. But, if you like the more minimal experience of wearing a ring, you can wear it solo.

There are still more details to come, this is just a glimpse for now. But nonetheless, it presents an exciting new experience for those Android/Samsung ecosystem.


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