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Comfort and style collide: Carla Uriarte redefines the everyday in the new S/B/ by Saba collection

S/B/ by Saba

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More than ever before, our love for pieces that are both comfortable and stylish has become a pre-requisite when building our wardrobe. While there's no doubt that our deep-rooted appreciation for classic silhouettes and expertly crafted pieces isn't going anywhere soon, we've entered into a new realm where living and dressing are complimentary of each other. No one understands this desire more than artist Carla Uriarte; a woman who understand inextricably the need for a wardrobe that does it all.

This is where S/B/ By Saba Collection comes into play, bridging the gap between comfort and style with paired-back leisure wear designed to be lived in. Thoughtfully curated with a focus on casual fabrications and tailoring, off-duty denim and luxe separates designed to transcend seasons, the collection brings new meaning to our understanding of day-to-day dressing.

Whether she's moving between the gallery and home or setting up events at Sydney hotspot Cafe Freda's, Carla takes us through a typical day in her life, how her wardrobe has changed as a mum to be and how she finds comfort and peace in the chaos.


What’s the first thing people should know about you?

That I’m an open book.


Walk us through a typical day in your life.

My pregnancy days have been a lot slower paced than the regular me. I try to get as much sleep during the night as I can as it prepares me energetically for the day ahead. After hitting snooze a couple of times I finally wake up. My partner makes me a coffee and we head out for a swim and walk on the beach. After making breakfast at home we head to our studio. My jobs vary from freelance work to running things, mainly design and events related at Cafe Freda’s. We also have a gallery ‘Abstract Thoughts Gallery’ –  I do everything from curating art shows, events, workshops and whatever other cultural things that we can strum up. I normally get tired around 5pm so have been skipping night time socialising (a blessing and a curse). Nothing is better than ending my day early and jumping into bed.


You’re someone who has become known for your expressive style. But when it comes to wardrobe staples, what do you look for?

I really like to lean on good quality classic pieces that have a twist of uniqueness. Investing in a good bag or shoe that will see me to the end of time. I like mixing timeless pieces with prints and splashes of colour, a sort of expression that says "hey world I’m here!" Blending playful and well-crafted pieces has become kind of my signature style DNA, which is why S/B/ by Saba is a natural fit in my wardrobe. The natural ease of the materials make the pieces effortless to style, but the details like tiered ruching on the dress or the split hem pants give that extra touch that can take an outfit to a different level.


S/B/ by Saba

S/B/ by Saba dress.


The S/B/ By Saba Collection is an effortless blend of leisure-inspired pieces coupled with sophistication. How does this align with your own approach to the way you dress?

Firstly, I’m a huge fan of linen and comfort. I think wearing clothes that are comfortable is a life hack. I like to be able to do anything in my clothes; go to a nice dinner, dance, or lounge around and watch a movie. The pieces in this collection can do all those things.


Your approach to your practice is quite meditative. When do you feel most at peace to create new work or projects?

There’s definitely an invisible force field type zone that I have to be in when finding my flow. Once I'm in it it's like I'm trapped in a vortex of time and space. Psychedelic stuff. I feel most at peace when I’m in this fluid state. I can be anywhere, it’s more of a feeling and a headspace that I have to be willing to open myself up to.


With a growing baby on the way, how has your style shifted and what pieces are your current go-tos?

This has been such a journey. All of a sudden most of my clothes don’t fit me and I have to reimagine my entire wardrobe. It may sound strange but I love utilising pyjamas as outerwear. Imagine a pyjama type dress with some sexy sandals and cool earrings, dare I say a head scarf and a loud purse. One thing I've really enjoyed about the S/B/ by Saba collection is that it has adapted with my body and I've really mastered taking some of the looks from 'day to night'. I’m getting good at mixing comfort with accessories to give off a serious but casual but fun but who is she type of look. Ha!


S/B/ by Saba

S/B/ by Saba pants.


When you need time and space for yourself, how do you wind down?

There is always a bath that starts it off. A potent candle is important. A journal and some spiritual jazz and dream pop. Plus, if I'm feeling called to connect with my ancestors I like to give myself a tarot reading. Total relaxing joy, yes please.


When do you feel the comfiest?

When I'm with my partner in bed.


You can explore the new S/B/ by Saba collection on the Saba website now.


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FEATURE IMAGE: Left: S/B/ by Saba shorts. Right: S/B/ by Saba pants.