RUSSH Loves: beauty favourites from August

A big month for new and exciting launches, we saw the introduction of new skincare to Aveda, a new capsule form of WelleCo's Skin Elixir and even a new brow product from Benefit - POWmade.

Below, find all our favourite from the new beauty and revamped heroes in August.


Benefit POWmade

This just-launched product is the newest brow product from Benefit. A creamy pomade for perfectly sculpted brows every time. It's more blendable that Ka-Brow, so a great one if you prefer a softer look. Expect this one in Sephora stores soon.



WelleCo The Skin Elixir Vegan Capsules

Another new launch. Hot off the pressed, this product takes WelleCo's The Skin Elixir and puts it into capsule form. It's easier to take on the run, or if you're just not someone that likes to sip on tall glasses of powdered water.



Rationale The PreCleanse Balm

Yes, I am a proud member of the Rationale cult. I feel like everyone who tries this brand is. This particular product is a cleansing balm with a creamy, oil consistency that helps to remove tough makeup and sunscreen before you finish with foaming or other cleanser. However, I like to just use it on its own since I prefer only an oil cleanser. But if you like to double cleanser, this is your perfect first-clean step.



O&M Shampoo Bars

New to the O&M range, shampoo bars! These plastic-saving and water-saving bars are a savvy environmental choice.



L'Occitane Shea Invigorating Shower Cream

Same product, new smell. In fact, the scent of the new shea range is a proven smile booster. 88 percent of participants in a study associated the ginger and citrus scent with happy emotions. I personally found it very uplifting, it's a fresh way to start the mornings.



clémence organics ULTIMATE BIOME SPRITZ

I love a face mist and this one is infused with kakadu plum and also rose and prebiotics to help preserve the microbiome of the skin. If you're someone that is sensitive to aircon, pollution or any of the other environmental factors other there that can disrupt skin, this is a great one to keep in your handbag.



Habitual Beauty Advanced Skin + Gut Health Collagen Elixir

This was an extremely happy discovery. Dairy-free and just 133 calories a serve, this is a hot chocolate infused with collagen! My favourite instant hot chocolates were recent discontinued, so this discovery was immensely welcome. It's a delicious way to consume your ingestible beauty and great after-dinner treat.



Chanel Ultra Le Teint Foundation

This medium-coverage foundation is effortless and feels light as a feather on the skin. It's wonderful if you want to create a natural-looking but flawless base.



Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Face Cream

It claims to offer 72 hours of hydration and in my experience it does increase the plumpness and hydration of the skin. I love how light this cream feels while still nourishing deeply.



Aveda botanical kinetics instant luminizer

New to Aveda are a fresh range of skin serums. This iteration helps to exfoliate and brighten.



Wanderlust Ashwaganda Stress Support

Ashwagandha has been proven to have positive benefits in managing stress. In the linked study, cortisol levels were reduced compared with the placebo group. Add a couple of drop of this Wanderlust formula to your water to help alleviate symptoms.



Go Bare IPL kit

In the continuing war against plastic, have you ever though about the plastic in your disposable razors? Laser hair removal isn't just more convenient, it's better for the planet too. And you no longer have to spend thousands to get it, you can get a home kit like this one which is less than $300.



Matiere Premiere Santal Austral

Woody, smoky and warm. This genderless scent is intoxicating and universally sexy.



Aesop Breathless Oil

Work-from-home back aches getting you down? Try massaging some of this into your shoulders. The scent is calming and the oil makes you feel instantly lighter.


Cosmology Skin Active B Serum Vitamin B

Vitamin B to me is the best and most underrated of all the skincare ingredients. This has a cosmeceutical concentration for bright and more balanced skin.



Lifespace Probiotics Skin Rebalance

We know gut health can impact our skin, so it makes sense that ingestible probiotics can help us glow from the inside out. These come in easy capsule form. I take them in the morning with my coffee.



Aceology Watermelon Eye Masks

For plumped up undereyes in a flash. I ended up having to hide these from my partner because he kept using them all up.



Sunbutter sunscreen

Reef safe and comes in plastic-free packaging. What more could you want from a sunscreen?



Lash Therapy Eyelash enhancing serum

Full disclosure, I've only been using it for a week so I haven't seen results yet. But I know that it doesn't sting my eyes like other brands and it is more affordable too.



Ethique Solid shampoo for curly hair

Ethique has been doing shampoo bars for year, but this one has been specifically formulated for curly and natural hair. It smells great too.



Social Skin Co. LED Light Therapy Mask

LED therapy is proven to be helpful in promoting skin health, firmness and repair. This at home version is delightfully convenient. I like to use it for 20 minutes to unwind after a work day.



Kiehl's Retinol Skin-Renewing Daily Micro-Dose Serum

Your all in one. If you want a serum that does a bit of everything and takes the guess work out of having to apply lots of different concoctions, try this.


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