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The ‘RUSSH’ team spills on their summer travel essentials

The 'RUSSH' team spills on their summer travel essentials

Whether it's taking a flight overseas or simply driving with the family down to your favourite camp site or caravan park for the week, it's a pretty quintessential part of the Aussie holiday season that we like to spread our wings and fly the nest. When it comes to summer travel, there are plenty of ways to approach packing, but for the RUSSH team, we have some pretty decided-upon ideas of what constitutes summer travel essentials.

From beauty salves to reading materials, on-the-go luggage options and functional footwear – this is our pick of what to buy, where to shop and perhaps, what to leave behind.


Jasmine Pirovic

Arts & Culture Editor

Summer travelling means dusting off your most ridiculous, beach-specific items. Throw the snorkel into your bag, add the flippers too if you have them. A book is essential; this summer I want to get through Elena Ferrante’s Neapolitan Quartet. A pen and notebook for emptying out your head and documenting the long days. I was given a fountain pen for my birthday and it brings me a lot of joy. Sunscreen is a given, so is your favourite swimsuit(s). A camera for the moments your pen can’t catch. I like to carry a bandana; it’s multifunctional and can pull back my hair, carry shells or stand-in for tissues. Lesse lip balm, Embryolisse moisturiser, headphones. I would really love this Khaite Large Weekender Bag to carry it all, but this Baggu option is more in my price range. Oakley sunglasses for action, these Loewe ones for general lounging (never both). But besides a simple wardrobe that doesn’t inhibit any spontaneity, all else that’s needed is great weather, delicious food and people to laugh with. Yes, basically, live, laugh, love. Sorry.


Samantha Corry

Assistant to Editor-In-Chief 

I try to pack minimalistic… but it never ends up happening. Quite the opposite, I over pack. But a good technique is to plan your outfits before you leave so you don’t end up with a bunch of clothes and no outfits. I always try to take some ArmaForce and Vitamin C because you wanna feel your best and try not to get sick. Bikinis and swimsuits are a must, also SPF50 sunscreen – because we don’t want to raisin. I like to bring a new journal on every trip and write in it about my days, what I'm doing, who I'm seeing and how I'm feeling. This might just be the writer in me, but then you can also put your photos in it, which leads me to my next essential; a camera. A film camera is best as the grainy sepia tone adds effect. Another summer favourite is oversized shirts, they can act as a dress, PJs, and of course, a shirt. My favourites are either mens ones or linen shirts from Djerf Avenue.


Alys Hale

Music Editor

I’m never going to be a minimalist, who am I kidding? However, it’s not because I need an outfit for every occasion, more like a child on a long car journey, I need tools to keep myself entertained, and to capture the travel. Whilst my list of toys varies depending where I am going there are somethings I cannot go without. Sunscreen is always top of my list, I will not go anywhere without it, it is non negotiable. I’m taking the new Aesop Protective Facial Lotion because it’s beautiful and it doesn’t count as sunscreen unless it’s SPF 50 in my mind. (Aesop  also makes a really great travel roll on for the nervous flyer that I deeply recommend). 

I’m an active and largely independent traveller who will always be on their feet, so I need perfect boot. They must be comfortable enough to do anything, durable enough to go anywhere and easy enough to get on and off quickly going through airport security so I am coveting these McQueen boots to wear with everything for my next trip. I assume no matter where I go there will be water so I always need the perfect black one piece swimsuit (bikinis cannot be trusted in the surf and only feature in songs by the Cramps for me these days) and this Mulberry number to put your towel and water bottle in. Now for the toys: a notebook and pen (always Moleskin for me because I am pretentious), my Nikon F70 camera (I’m teaching myself so an excess of film until I’ve cracked the code), headphones (obviously), clean underwear in my hand luggage, Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford and a present. This present can be for my host once I arrive at my destination, or something to imbibe on the balcony at sunset.


Olivia Repaci

Creative Studio and Campaigns Manager

This summer will involve only land travel aka road trips, so the simple things will be joining me on my summer holiday. First and foremost, a KILLER soundtrack is required. And of course I’ll be blasting all my familiar faves as curated by my Spotify Wrapped. I’m guessing my top 5 will be Ethel Cain, Phoebe Bridgers, The 1975, Bon Iver and Fred Again. Are they summery? Not specifically, but they are my comfort listens and I need them on a holiday.

A comfy beach towel that can moonlight as a picnic blanket, sun cover and blanket is key, I’m dreaming of a Baina one from Santa please. My Akubra is all I wear in summer, and I like to juxtapose it against some luxury glasses like these Miu Miu ones. A hardy little speaker to join me in my beach bag and a nice, insulated water bottle, like this Frank Green one, completes the beach bag packing list. In terms of my summer wardrobe, I plan to live in my Birkenstock Arizonas and my Margiela Tabis for balance, both pairing with my standard jorts and a crop top uniform, or even a cute summer dress if I’m feeling fancy. Package this all in my trusty Country Road tote (which has been hanging around since I was literally 12 years old and going to school camp!!!), and we’re ready to start the engine and gooooo.


Cassandra Dimitroff

Production Editor

My biggest priority when travelling is making everything as easy as possible. Functionality and simplicity are core principles here. A comfy outfit is ideal – I love my oversized sweatshirt from Alfred’s Apartment for cold flights, and for longer flights it’s nice to have a pair of comfy shoes to kick off (I’ve been eyeing a pair of Birkenstock Bostons myself). I don’t travel many places without some reading material – high up on my reading list at the moment are Banana Yoshimoto’s Kitchen, and Ocean Vuong’s On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous. And lastly, I have been told by several friends that I should invest in one of July’s Carry On Luggage suitcases – I love that it has an inbuilt phone charger. I’m also very attached to my Apple Airpods – sometimes I wear them even if I'm not listening to anything. 


Mia Steiber

Digital Strategy Director

Summer Travel Essentials

Travel means either planes, cars or trains. And that means recirculated air and aircon that loves to dry out your skin and compromise your skin barrier. For this reason, I never travel anywhere without a rose face mist, I’m using Jurlique at the moment, or a tube of Cicaplast. Sunscreen of course is a must. I usually take five or six with me, a mixture of zincs and non-zincs to account for any sort of occasion. The ones I’m using at the moment are Aesthetics Rx Ultra Protection, We Are Feel Good Inc. Kakadu Plum Sunscreen, Mother Face and Body, Liberty Belle Superstar and Nivea Sun Protect. A hat is also an essential. I typically take my broad-brimmed linen Marle hat which folds up easily in a bag but, my RUSSH Full Look Policy cap always comes with me too. Once skincare and sun safety is out of the way, my other must-haves: a tote, airpods, my Kindle, an oversized beach shirt like this one from Elce Swim and a “vacation-fancy” maxi dress like this one from Posse.


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