The ‘RUSSH’ editors share their signature scents

russh signature scents

For some, an endless rotation of memories and moods, for others the same scent worn day in day out. These are the fragrances the RUSSH editors hold close and the signature scents we can't do without.

Alys Hale

Music Editor

When I was at college, I swore by Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford because I wanted to smell like sex in a library. I’m not sure if it worked but I still cherish it nostalgically for those memories of Oxford summers. Heady, heavy and intoxicating yet with sweetness and romanticism buried within.


Olivia Repaci

Creative Studio and Campaigns Manager

I often have about 4 different scents going at once, to cater to different moods and occasions. Currently I’m oscillating between Chance Eau Tendre by Chanel for my day fragrance – it’s light, fruity and smells like summer in a bottle (great for winter blues). In the evenings I prefer to go with something a little more moody, and I’m loving the Jo Malone London Cologne Intense range in fragrance Tuberose Angelica. There is still an element of sweetness to it but with a deeper woody undertone, perfect for any after dark activity.


Megan Nolan

Marketing Manager

When I say I’ve been wearing the same Nina Ricci fragrance since I was 16 I’m not even slightly exaggerating. The TikTok algorithm has, however, been working its magic lately and I’ve finally started perfuming (yes, I’m making it a word) to my mood. 

So far I’ve found two which I’ve thrown into the mix. The first is Who is Elijah Morning After which I’ve made my night time scent. The woody, leather vibes make me feel sophisticated and mysterious compared to my usual more floral vibe. 

The second is Fame by Paco Rabanne. This was sprayed in the RUSSH office a few weeks ago and it brought me right back to the Britney Spears Fantasy epidemic of 2005, but in a good way. Floral but with more of a citrus undertone, it’s my current daytime crush. Plus the bottle makes me laugh everytime I look at it which is always a win.


Cassandra Dimitroff

Production Editor

My signature fragrance for the last few years has been Do Son by Diptyque. Anything by Diptyque is pretty heavenly, but I don’t think I’ve ever had so many people ask me what I’m wearing than when I douse myself in Do Son. It’s a hard scent to describe exactly, but most people point out a strong jasmine note. It’s floral and light in some ways, but transitions nicely to an evening scent; nothing too fruity or musky. A perfect in-between.


Mia Steiber

Digital Strategy Director

russh signature scents

I’m actually allergic to traditional spray perfumes, they give me blinding sinus headaches. But I still love the idea of fragrance – especially having a signature scent. So, I use the roll ons from Raconteur. The ingredients are gentler on the nose and the roll on style means the liquid isn’t aerosolised and it doesn’t get into your respiratory system. Otherwise, I just use essential oils. I love the rose, ylang ylang and petit grain oils from Oil Garden.


Teressia Carr

Senior Designer

russh signature scents

At my core I am a bubblegum princess. I used Hello Kitty body spray for longer than I’d like to admit. If you, like myself, are a fan of anything with an essence of sweetness, I currently use these 4 fragrances on high rotation. 

I won’t lie, I’m definitely one of those girls on the Baccarat Rouge train. It’s been my trusty all time favourite for many years. I’d describe it as the perfect combination of sexy and cute. Recently however, I’ve been loving Vyrao Free 00. A little bit earthy but still so sweet and light. The last couple I am always reaching for are Vilhelm Parfumerie’s Mango Skin (sweet mango heaven) and Burberry’s Her Elixir (think Baccarat with the added smell of strawberries). 


Jasmine Pirovic

Arts & Culture Editor

russh signature scents

I have always liked the sound of a signature scent, and for the longest time forced it to be of the masculine persuasion. But the heart wants what it wants. For me that's soft, warm and ambery fragrance. I bought Byredo 1996 before a trip to Tokyo in 2018 and associate it with winter. Now that it's being discontinued, Tobacco Mandarin has taken its place for cold evenings thanks to a recommendation from my hairstylist Taylor Redman. Otherwise, I love the simple creaminess of Labdanum 18 from Le Labo. On my skin it smells like vanilla ice cream.

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