The high-end fashion we are coveting and the alternatives we are purchasing

Fashion high low: what fashion RUSSH Editors are purchasing


You can’t always get what you want. So instead the RUSSH Editors share the fashion alternatives to the things we are lusting after. Let's call it our high vs low fashion wish list. 

Jess Blanch

Editor in Chief

It’s as though my wardrobe has always been preparing itself for this moment - it is strong in sleepwear and loungewear - so I’m only making essential additions which are more about a mood update than a wardrobe update. Current style advice: Live below your means, especially when your means have been lowered.

I refuse to dress up for Zoom. In fact, I almost feel as though the more I’m willing to show I’ve let it all go the more open minded I am to the notion of change in the world. If you can’t handle me in my pyjamas then maybe you just can’t handle me?

For over a decade I’ve been cherishing Derek Rose men’s pyjamas, since back when I actually had to buy them in London. Now they are delivered direct to the door via Mr Porter (they also do women’s but I prefer the men’s long and generous fit). My really old pairs have worn so the cotton is quite thin and soft which makes them unbelievably comfortable.

Beyond pj’s it’s all about a matching tracksuit. The economy has ruled out any additions to my cashmere collection so instead on my wish list I’m placing some updates to my jogger looks and no one does them better than Everlane. Again, I opt for the men’s for sweatshirts and women’s for the pants.

Elle Presbury

Market & Beauty Director

Spending so much time inside has really made my shopping wishlist switch from Paco Rabanne chain mail dress to something that treads a fine line between loungewear, sleepwear and underwear. There is probably a larger think piece in the things I once wanted that no longer seem necessary, not even in the slightest. Anyway, back to clothing and coveting…

I called in a product the other week and it was delivered to my doorstep by the PR herself. Which was wonderful - a familiar face! A conversation! - but I, at that point, had my grey pyjama pants tucked into my grey bed socks. And it was 1pm. So, loungewear suitable to open the door in = a must.

A cashmere two piece made specifically to wear around the house was always the most ludicrous of luxuries. But then there was that Khaite / Katie Holmes moment last year that made a matching knit bra and cardigan (the bradigan) the new white t-shirt. But with us all tightening our spending the original isn’t an option (was it ever?). Luckily, Zara have made something close that will make working-from-the-lounge feel less like an imposition and more like a stylistic choice.


Natalie Petrevski

Fashion Editor

It’s been a few weeks of isolation and I’ll admit I’ve been wearing the same oversized vintage t-shirt for a while now - occasionally switching from track pants to bike shorts (I’m not an animal).

One thing I've noticed is that the mornings and evenings are getting chillier as Autumn is officially here - thank you daylight savings no more. As my usual shopping list has severely decreased (my bank account thanks me), there’s still a few at home items I desire to make me feel that little bit nicer while working from home.

A luxurious slipper really has the ability to “complete” any WFH ‘fit and elevate your status from relaxer to relaxer-slightly-put-together. As I cannot afford The Row’s coveted Teddy Bear Shearling Slides, the Myna slippers from Emu Australia will do just fine (and just as good). They keep my tootsies warm and also kind of make me feel like I have my shit together.


Andrea Tchacos

Deputy Editor

The cyclical nature of fashion means that if something swings into the zeitgeist, it’s often been there before (and oftentimes, better). If there is a ‘look’ I want, rather than a particular piece; I’ll usually check the RealReal first, and then Etsy. It’s a financial move, but also an environmental one. Nowadays when I’m shopping the thought of landfill doesn’t really leave my head.

But if we’re singling out one piece ... There’s no denying it’s been the season of the tank top. To the extent that my partner recently asked me when it would end (to which I replied, “uh, it’s a classic.”)

While I’ve got some investment tanks on rotation - see the Bottega look that set the mood and this Dion Lee isolation vibe as worn by Steve Lacy - I have longstanding fondness for a men’s Bonds chesty. The knit feels good, it’s the right shade of white (there’s a difference) and it layers well. I’m not sure if they’re cool exactly but I’ve been buying them since I was 14 and it was a pocket money necessity. That said, they last for years.

Like the smell of neroli, they remind me of my grandpa - who wore them religiously under his pyjamas.


Megan Nolan

Digital Operations Manager

My favourite moment of the past two years of fashion weeks is still by far the Dion Lee SS 20 runway, AKA the moment the corset came back into our lives. I immediately fell in love, however as of yet I haven’t been able to justify the price tag.

Enter the ASOS equivalent. At just $36 I don’t even feel slightly guilty at this purchase and whilst I’m fairly convinced this will become a feature of my wardrobe for years to come (I’m a huge fan of anything which can be layered and still gives me a waist), the elasticity in it means that even if it works its way to the back of my wardrobe for a few seasons it’s much more likely to still fit me when I have an outfit crisis and discover it again in a year or so. It is also comfy enough that I have actually worn it in isolation for Saturday night Zoom drinks - it’s only the top half that matters these days.


Gabriela Hidalgo

Senior Designer

Ever since Instagram allowed for a ‘saved items’ tab it has been flooded with an endless scroll of French film references, making it clear that I have a mild obsession with trench coats and should probably do something about that. As someone who optimistically enters ‘wear more colour’ into their resolutions list each year, the idea of investing in anything beige seems counterintuitive to my life goals, so I have branched out and discovered the ‘Rain (trench) coat’. They are glossy, available in an array of colours, they are waterproof and hence perfect for a quick dash to the shops (for essential items), what more could I want? Nothing.

On my wishlist are options a) Yellow snakeskin (give it a chance) by Stand Studio, b) candy apple red by Beaufille or c) Olive Green by Frankie Shop. But let’s be real, I’ll be going for either the two options brought to you by Nasty Gal –brown croc or olive green. Decisions.


Mia Steiber

Content Director

I am all about a well-curated holiday wardrobe. For me, it’s a key part of travelling. I (try) to take one big holiday per year to escape winter and help fulfill my dream to eventually see the whole world. And I start planning my holiday wardrobe a few months out, with a spreadsheet and accompanying lists. Yes, this sounds insane. But the older I get, the more I learn to lean into my neuroses around perfection and organisation, rather than attempting to ignore them.

This year’s holiday was meant to be a trip to Scandinavia to visit Grandma, followed by some wine-tasting through Provence and finished by a few days sunning myself is Mallorca. I had selected this Prada bag as my ideal accessory for the trip. It’s been on my list since last year. But since my holiday will not be happening, it seems it’s not the right time to invest in this piece.

Instead, I’ve been looking at this adorable straw bag from Tigerlily. I live near the beach, so rattan and straw bags are always wearable, even just for a trip to the shops. And this particular iteration conjures dreams of white sand, beaming sun and swaying palms. A little escapism may just be what we all need right now.


Ella Jane

Production Coordinator

I hate to be the bearer of my own bad news, but the Bottega Veneta stompy combat boots I’ve been coveting since launch are way out of my price range. Luckily, if there is one low end item I'll swear by, it’s a Zara boot. Two years back when Raf Simons was running Calvin Klein into the ground (sorry, Raf), he reinvented the ankle boot and cuban heel simultaneously, and I was obsessed but once again, not in the position to spend $2k on boots.

Enter: the Zara pair I still wear. These still haven't shown even a single loose thread of wear. Easy enough to end this riveting anecdote by saying, I bought the latest Zara iteration a couple of weeks ago with the faith that even though I’m not going anywhere, these babies will last.