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Full Look Policy: Introducing, the new ‘RUSSH’ caps made in collaboration with Double Rainbouu

russh caps double rainbouu

You think it, we'll say it. Another fashion collaboration? Spare us. But this ain't that. At least, not exactly. Working in fashion, well we could write a book! All it's eccentricities, all those email chains. It's a constant tug-of-war, you see? But mostly, it's about being all in, all of the time. Which is what our latest offering is really about. Introducing, the RUSSH Full Look Policy cap, made with the help of our friends at Double Rainbouu. A shield from the sun and impending deadlines? Get it while it's hot.

russh full look policy caps

Have it in green and black, maroon and sky blue, violet and orange – anyway you like it. All the It girls are wearing it (read: the entire RUSSH office). As for styling? This time around, that's completely up to you.

"Full look policy," RUSSH editor in chief, Jess Blanch, begins. "It’s something we are hearing more and more in our industry and these caps are a wink back at the luxury brands we love and work with."

"For what will now go down in history as one of our first ever headwear collaborations we asked Mikey Nolan, creative director and founder of Double Rainbouu, to design this for us because Double Rainbouu has a great sense of humour. Plus he’s known us since we were just a baby (magazine)."

"This is the place where the pool punks enter the big, important, gigantic world of high fashion," says Blanch.

russh caps double rainbouu

Always up for a good time and known for their fun-loving, sunny designs, there's no one we'd rather do it with than Double Rainbouu. "Fashion. We love it and we hate it. But we love it," says Mikey Nolan.

"Here at Double Rainbouu we feel like we play around the edges of fashion and always take a light hearted approach to it. It’s always good to poke fun at something you’re neck deep in. So when Jess asked us to collab on these caps with a fun anti-fashion sentiment we were sold!"

russh caps double rainbouu

Shop the RUSSH x Double Rainbouu Full Look Policy caps at our online store. And when you see us at 9am on a Thursday, three coffees deep, bags under our eyes, Full Look Policy cap on head – no you didn't.

FASHION Sophia Stamellos
BEAUTY Teressia Carr
TALENT Annabella Donnola @ Priscillas, Beatrys Ponzoni @ Kult, Kwesi Asamoah Derkyi @ Kult

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