RUSSH Creative Showcase | Terms and Conditions

Our mission with this initiative is to provide emerging creatives with the opportunity to have their work and profiles showcased across our platforms and to foster their further growth with access to free workshops and resources that will encourage their creative development in the long term.


What we are looking for?

We are accepting entries for an 8-10 page creative (fashion/ beauty) shoot or visual essay submitted via a double-page spread PDF with a focus on emotive storytelling.

Our finalist selection will be made in accordance with the visual language and aesthetic tone RUSSH has become known for across the past 100 issue.

We are in support of pure creative expression and value original and authentic work above everything else.

Our panel of judges are in support of equal opportunity and will be working in accordance with the statutory responsibilities under the federal level Australian discrimination acts as outlined by the Australian Human Rights Commission.


Selection criteria

+ Judges will be looking for image making and visual story telling ability therefore in-season fashion pieces are not required to be eligible for selection

+ Branded content/ shoots paid for by a brand will not be selected as finalists

+ The shoot submitted can not already be published in any other publication, digital website or media forum aside from the creator’s personal social media accounts or portfolio

+ We understand image making is a collaborative process so please be sure to include all parties in the credits and let your creative team know the work is being entered

+ Multiple entries for the same shoot/ visual essay will be accepted from different members from within the creative team

+ As industry professionals we understand there is varying access to production budgets/ resources but have selected our judges for their ability to recognise creative talent irrespective of this

+ Submissions over 10 pages will not be accepted

+ Submissions that incorporate nudity, smoking or promote alcohol will not be accepted