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What is the red nail theory? And should we try it out?

If dating apps and blind dates don't quite align with your preferences (let's face it, they're not for everyone), and you prefer the classic approach of meeting someone in person, have you ever considered adding a touch of red nail polish to your repertoire? It's as simple as coating your nails in that vibrant shade, supposedly sending out a universal aphrodisiac to men. But does this trick actually work?

TikTok is the social media app where delusions are fed by the delusional, it's our guilty pleasure to venture in it, for all our interests, and find like-minded's. And if you're no stranger to the app you most likely would have heard about the conspiracy cooked within, the red nail theory. This concept, popularised by TikTok creator and PR expert Robyn Demonte, better known as Girlbosstown, suggests that whenever she wears red nail polish, she receives increased attention and compliments from men.

Below, we break down the red nail theory and if it's worth trying?


What is the red theory?

Red: sensual, eye-catching, vibrant, and romantic — these are just some of the words used to describe the colour. Undoubtedly, there's an inherent sense of maturity that complements the allure of red. For decades, red has symbolised love and passion; ironically, it also conveys notions of stop and danger. However, in the realm of nail colour, red is a definite green light! According to the psychology of colour, statistically, red evokes the strongest emotions of any colour.

Centuries-old records from Africa unearthed by archaeologists reveal that women adorned themselves in red to symbolise fertility. Today, this symbolism has evolved to fit modern ideologies such as Valentine's Day.

On nails, red has conspired to become synonymous with love and attraction. Wearing red nail polish may just signal and catch the eye of a potential romantic interest.


Does it really work?

While I haven't personally tried it myself, the reviews and videos circulating on TikTok showcase a divided consensus. Some individuals claim to have found romantic success sporting red nails, others report no noticeable change in their dating experiences.

With reviews providing mixed results, it's difficult to definitively conclude whether the red nail theory holds merit. Perhaps the only way to truly gauge its effectiveness is to give it a try firsthand.


What's the best red nail polish?

Luckily at your convenience we've rounded up some of our favourite red nail polish for you to do some experimenting, and prove whether this theory is cap or fact.


CHANEL 151 Pirate


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OPI Big Apple Red


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ESSIE Forever Yummy


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DIOR 999 Rouge


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