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Read her lips: Ulrikke Hoeyer’s beauty wisdom

This Dane has us lusting after her wardrobe, her bangs and her friends to boot. Here, she tells the secrets behind her look.

My top five beauty products are …
Bronzer from Tromborg
Concealer from Clarins and
Lip balm from Carmex

My travel beauty routine consists of …
Before takeoff I clean my skin and moisturise it with my face cream from Embryollise and add a good layer of Carmex lip balm as all the air conditioner during the flight dries out my skin. On the flight I drink a lot of water to keep myself and my skin hydrated.

The best beauty secret I’ve learnt backstage is …
Keep your skin as natural as possible. Less is more when it comes to achieving beautiful looking skin.

When it comes to beauty I always ...
Try to make my look as natural as possible. The "no-makeup makeup look" is definitely my favourite as it makes me look healthy and fresh.

My beauty icon is …
Everyone who loves them[selves] for who they are and knows how to look the best they possibly can.

My biggest beauty indulgence is
To get myself a full body massage and a facial treatment. Very rare I do both but when it happens it gives me an amazing feeling.

The best advice on beauty I’ve received is …
"A pretty smile is the best makeup a girl can wear."

The best advice on health I’ve received is …
Listen to your body and mind.

The product I can’t live without is
My bronzer from Tromborg, as I look fresher and more alive with a little bit of colour on my cheeks.