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Ravenous: delicious art by Allie Webb at China Heights Gallery

Neglect, 2018.

Whether art imitates life, or life imitates art; either way, we’ll have what she’s having. Allie Webb takes us to the roaming hills and dining tables of Italy in her latest visual collection, A Midsummer’s Night, showing at China Heights Gallery on March 15. A celebration of modern life and the food that comes with it, Webb’s new series takes on striking depictions of the intimate, nondescript moments of the day we all take for granted. Whether it be chatting with friends over a late breakfast or a second of contemplation sipping a glass of white wine, like Webb, we're big believers in savouring those little indulgences.

Grapes of Wrath, 2018.
Last Drinks, 2018.
Erotica, 2018.

An emerging linocut print artist, Allie’s bold use of high contrast black and white, and the graphic style of her illustrations are alluring and disarming all in the one glance. Each artwork contains a level of intricacy and attention to detail which adds unexpected layers of depth to the piece, Webb’s effective use of negative space and dense blacks portraying with strength the message and feelings associated with each work.

This collection continues the central preoccupation of Webb’s artistic oeuvre: the observation of relationships through symbolism found in objects, and the many rituals we create with food. Citing her main sources of inspiration for this series as German Expressionism, Pop and Momento Mori still life paintings, Webb adds her own eccentric twist to the traditional ways of everyday documentation.

Red Spaghetti, 2018.
Afternoon, 2019.
Erotica, 2018.

Webb elevates the ‘foodstagram’ images we are all guilty of taking to the next level, breathing new expression into life's innocuous moments. The exhibition opens from 6pm - 8pm on March 15, and continues 12-5pm until March 23, or by appointment.