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Kick off the festive season with this quick ‘pre-party Pilates’ session with SCULPT by the Sea

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As we head out of lockdown and into the busiest time of the year – the festive season – it's not uncommon for our gym classes and other forms of physical activity to come in second best. When time is of the essence and your daily schedule packed to the brim with social events; it can be challenging to figure out where getting your body moving can fit in. What isn't considered, however, is that fitting in an easy sweat or quick Pilates workout before you begin to get ready for the night can actually have major benefits.

As Nicole and Sascha, the girls from pilates studio SCULPT by the Sea tell us; energising the body and getting the endorphins flowing for a second hit of energy can actually be a great way to boost confidence and your mood. Particularly on those days when you'd prefer not to leave your home.

Here, they talk to us about the benefits of a 'pre-party Sculpt'; and take us through a quick and easy Pilates workout for the night ahead.


We know that exercise helps boost endorphins. What benefit does moving our body have before settling in for an evening of socialising?

Moving your body before a night out is a great way to elevate your mood, energy and confidence. Given that we have been cooped up inside for so long now, the thought of socialising may feel daunting, tiring and even a little overwhelming. A quick 20 minute pre-party sculpt is the perfect little pick me up to get the endorphins flowing, boost your serotonin, and leave the house feeling energetic, present & vibrant.


Why is Pilates such an easy and achievable form of exercise especially when you have limited time or space?

Pilates can be such an accessible form of exercise, it really is for anyone and everyone! Even just 10 minutes a day can improve your core strength, posture and flexibility. Pilates requires minimal space, no equipment and is completely no fuss – just roll out your mat and blast those disco tunes to experience a total body workout from your first lunge to your last pulse.


Get started with this easy, quick pilates workout with the girls from SCULPT below.


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