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PUBLIC, New York

Ian Schrager has a knack for knowing what we never knew we wanted. When the disco wave hit and all anyone wanted to do was kick up their heels and dance the Funky Chicken, he brought them Studio 54, and when they tired of the same old hotel experience, he changed the game with the first-ever boutique hotel.

Once again, Schrager has played by his own rules with PUBLIC, a 28-story boutique hotel and more, located in the Lower East Side. “I truly believe that everyone deserves a one-of-a-kind experience that lifts their spirits and makes their heart beat faster, one that elicits an emotional response,” says Schrager.

In addition to the sleek rooms and various food and beverage spaces, PUBLIC offers a progressive multi-media performance destination for experimental artists, ideas and people. There is also a retail concept store stocking “an unlikely combination of cool products that speak for themselves.”