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In honour of Valentine’s Day, Pandora shows us why relationships are more important than ever

Pandora love survey

Whether you celebrate Valentine's Day or not, having an extra day in the yearly calendar to celebrate love and relationships is never a bad thing.

This year, to help us up the ante on our celebrations of love, Pandora has shared an adorable film series about relationships - and also the findings from a global study exploring love and relationships.

Our past year living through the coronavirus pandemic has impact our way of life in ways that are often immeasurable. But Pandora is shedding light on how it's changed the way we feel about love and human connection.

70 percent of us now believe that relationships are more important than ever before. And we're also now more likely to show little acts of love and friendship. These have increased since the start of the pandemic, including giving more gifts (61 percent), helping around the house (44 percent), and complimenting loved ones (37 percent).

Even Valentine’s Day, a notoriously divisive occasion, will be even more special this year, with 66 percent of us making more of an effort to remember special occasions. With this in mind Pandora reached out to a series of real life people in relationships to ask what Valentine's Day means to them and how they will be sharing this moment together. It's a totally sweet and absolutely heart-warming look at love in reality - a short film that could melt the ice off the heart of even the most staunch Valentine's Day objector.


Other interesting finding from the survey showed that most of us are actually way more concern with our partner's values than looks. 74 percent of people surveyed reveal a person’s values are their most attractive quality.

Deep diving further, 7 in 10 people believe our moral principles have evolved in the past year and 59 percent agree relationships are now more focused on shared values than in previous years. Family values (60 percent) and equality for everyone (50 percent) are the most important values that people look for in a potential partner.

Vita Clausen, global PR & influencer director at Pandora said: “We can see that 2020 has clearly had an impact on our relationships, and the way we appreciate love, with small interactions and little acts of love more important than ever. People are prioritising relationships and making more of an effort with their loved ones, with 62% remembering special occasions to show that they care. So, we believe that Valentine’s Day will become even more special this year.

"As part of our mission to empower people to voice the things they love and express who they are, we encourage everyone to share their stories of love and what little acts of love means to them, this Valentine’s Day.”

Pandora's Valentine's Day edit is live now on the brand's website.


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