A masterclass in suiting: in conversation with Pallas

All good things take time. Daniel Pallas and Véronique Bousquet know it. The partners behind Parisian label Pallas are breathing fresh new life into techniques steeped in history.

PALLAS jumpsuit.

Some designers are so synonymous with their cities you can’t see where one ends and the other begins. Calvin Klein, New York. Alexander McQueen, London. Dries Van Noten, Antwerp. Paris, of course, has many great names attached to it, but among them is Pallas. Until two years ago, Daniel Pallas and Véronique Bousquet - the duo behind the label - were working behind the scenes, producing tuxedos for many of the top houses including Balenciaga and Karl Lagerfeld. Now they have stepped out from behind the curtain and are getting comfortable in their new role centre stage.

“We always ‘lived’ in our atelier: we never looked at what was happening outside. We met somebody who explained to us we had in our hands something that was becoming very rare.”– Daniel Pallas


Over the years, the duo has created tuxedos and suits for everyone from HRH Queen Elizabeth II on behalf of Hardy Amies to Aymeline Valade on the Cannes red carpet. After seven years working for others, they decided the time was right to stand alone.

“We had been talking about the tuxedos for years, and then one day we said, why not?”

PALLAS pants.

It’s ironic that such a hard-to-define quality as attitude should be at the heart of a business founded on exacting precision, but attitude is precisely what underpins the work of Daniel Pallas and Véronique Bousquet, the ‘never married but might as well be husband and wife’ team (they have a 16-year-old daughter, Clara). Rooted in the elegance of the Parisian Le Smoking, Pallas has bespoke tailoring at its heart. Its ethos chimes perfectly with a consumer swell towards clothes to invest in, clothes that are entirely of the moment yet eschew trends; fashion that is concerned with  spending more on less.

“Our signature is that you know what you are wearing, you don’t need to show everybody. Catherine Deneuve said that luxury is on the inside.” – Daniel Pallas

PALLAS top; stylist’s own briefs.

WORDS Tilly Macalister-Smith
FASHION Bridie Gilbert