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Natural wonder: The organic Australian beauty brands you need to know about

Organic Beauty Brands

I'll be the first to admit it, I'm not good when it comes to yearly resolutions. When the new year rolls around I often kick aside any plans of change as quickly as I make them. But this year I really made a consorted effort to focus on one area in particular, and that is to clean up my beauty cabinet.

As the beauty coordinator here at RUSSH, I see a lot of different products come into my orbit. If there is one thing I have noticed it's the level of awareness surrounding what goes into each product and how it's made. With many brands becoming more eco-conscious, there is often a lot of promise of ingredients being from either "natural" or "organic" sources. But, outside of that being a catchy buzzword just what exactly does that term mean? And how do we find out what makes something organic?

What is Organic beauty?

To put it simply, organic or natural beauty refers to products that have been naturally sourced or derived. The products in question should be made sustainably and without any harmful ingredients.

What is considered certified organic?

Depending where you are in the world this can mean different things. For instance, the FDA in the USA has very different markers of approval from us here in Australia. In Australia we have the ACO Certification Ltd (Previously Australian Certified Organic). This is our largest certifier for organic and biodynamic produce and includes over 2000 operators within its certification system.

In essence, certified Organic products are grown and processed without the use of synthetic chemicals, fertilisers, or GMO's. Organic uses an innovative methods of farming and production – that over time is being recognised as being on the leading edge of the beauty and produce industry.

Where can I find organic beauty brands?

Australia has produced many incredible organic skincare brands. Over recent years, we have become increasingly aware of what's going into our skincare and beauty products. Thankfully, this increasing consumer discussion has led the way for the inclusion of safe, natural beauty products which has spurred the industry on to make bigger decisions in this area.

When it comes to finding the right organic beauty products, it's important to keep this idea at the front of mind. We've found a list of brands that not only stick by this ethos, but their products are sustainably sourced and free of harmful ingredients, going toe to toe with any leading non-organic brand for quality and efficacy. After all, organic and clean beauty products are all about using essential nutrients and botanicals that help to restore and rejuvenate our skin, without impacting the planet.

Go-To Skincare

Organic Beauty BrandsCreated by ex-beauty editor and author Zoe Foster Blake, Go- To was conceived from the idea that enough wasn't being done when it came to natural and effective skincare. Zoe put something on the market that was, simple and effective, not to mention it won't do any harm to us, or the planet. Her years of expertise and trial and error mean her products target all the right areas. The brand is certified cruelty-free and all-natural which is a double plus. You can't go past the Go-to Transformazing Mask, made with kakadu plum, finger lime and Tasmanian pepper leaf for bright, even-tone skin. It also uses niacinamide for extra brightening, hydrating and healing goodness.


The very blueprint of Bluem is one of transparency and drawing on a philosophy of ancient wisdom. Working in conjunction to promote self love and self care all in one practice. Every step of the brand's focus is working to minimise the impact on our environment by only using pure and organically sourced ingredients. The finger lime nurture kit is ideal for those days where you need some R&R.


Purely sustainably focussed, the concept of LESSE is equally focussed on quality and consciousness. Whether it's from growing many of their own ingredients to paying careful attention to their packaging solutions the brand has an ongoing commitment to the planet. Founder Neada Deters believes very much in organic skincare being a universal necessity, and this awareness shows through in the efficacy of the product.


Organic Beauty BrandsStarted off the backs of beauty sage Melanie Gleeson, Endota began in 2000 with a salon in the thick of the Mornington Peninsula. Since then, Endota has blossomed to more than 100 different locations, making it Australia’s largest day spa. With a focus on everyday wellbeing, this natural, eco-friendly skincare brand offers naturally based products. The peptide range is made to feel like a little mini day spa for the skin, with the brand ethos very much being tied to self care as well as routine.

Kora Organics

Organic Beauty BrandsAt the helm of Kora is former Supermodel turned entrepreneur Miranda Kerr, Kerr has made it clear how important organic beauty is to her own routine, and this mindset has been at the core foundations for the brand. Using certified organic and natural ingredients, Kora Organics nourishes and cares for the skin, penetrating the cellular barrier for optimum skin health from the inside out.


As the brands tagline suggests, Inika is "more than clean", remaining 100% Australian owned and operated the brand promotes a cleaner beauty space free of toxic chemicals. Using no synthetic preservatives such as parabens, nor synthetic fragrances used for masking, the brand are pioneers in filling a gap in the market for healthy, toxin-free beauty. The brand only uses naturally sourced botanicals and pure minerals which have been proven for efficacy and longevity.

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