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No drama for Isabel Lucas

She is an Australian native who’s lived all over the world, and stole our teenage hearts on when she debuted on our TV screens. Now Isabel Lucas, the new face of Santé by Enjo, talks to us about finding her destiny under mango trees, her favourite eco-friendly products and her beauty routine for a special occasion.

Tell us where you grew up and where you live now ...
I was born in Melbourne and lived there until I was six. I lived in Switzerland for my second year of school, my mother’s family are Swiss. When I was nine and 10 I lived in the wild and beautiful Kakadu National Park, in Jabiru. High school was in Cairns, and a half-year in Switzerland again at 15. I moved to Sydney for my first acting job, Home and Away, for three years. For the last eight years, I've oscillated between L.A., Melbourne and Byron Bay.

How did you come to work as an actor?
Acting ... is basically being a 'professional empathiser'. I came to work in the field of acting by sheer synchronicity. When I was 17 I met my Australian agent under a mango tree at a farmer market. She was lovely and I trusted her so we met for lunch with my parents the following day ... I did a couple acting courses during schooling and then tested for and booked my first audition on Home and Away. It may have been a streak of luck, good timing or just magic. I have continued working mainly in film (and some television) for 13 years.

 What is your favourite part of your job?
I like having acting as a creative outlet. I also just like people and I learn and grow inside by understanding what make us tick on the very human level. I have always liked the get underneath life's bigger questions and acting is constantly opening opportunities for this digging work. At the root acting is storytelling, it’s about sharing in our human connectedness, the light and the dark.

My top five beauty products are …
Santé by Enjo for washing my face in the morning and evening. I love the integrity this product, it is all about being conscious of having a friendly footprint on the planet.
Green Foot Mamma sunscreen for the day, if I’m going to be outside.
Wild Earth Botanicals - sweet orange and avocado body butter.
The holistic, luxury LEPAAR Precious Face oil, all kind and natural.
Vanessa Megan hand cream is divine.

My day-to-day routine consists of …
Splashing my face morning and night with water and the lovely cleansing pads from Santé by Enjo and then I moisturise (with a sunscreen for the day). It’s so simple and quick! Sometimes I do an aloe vera gel mask in the evening.

My approach to beauty is …
I feel beauty comes deep from within. I feel inspired by the older women who are still loving themselves the way they are, embracing all their naturalness. Inner beauty is a choice, it is not able to be captured. It can take courage and tenacity to decide to love yourself in that true, humble and honest way.

For a night out or a special occasion I …
I have recently been having fun playing with braiding my hair. Sometimes I braid it earlier and take it out so it’s all naturally wavy. I also like orangey red lipsticks for the pop and pep ...