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Pegasus 41 is the next shoe for all your run club needs

Soles hitting asphalt. The steady climb of your heart-rate, peaking as you go. The wind whipping your face, and your destination, either looming in the far distance or just around the bend. Running is one of the world's oldest sports, and we've never strayed from the old faithful. This year alone has marked quite the resurgence: Running clubs have been at the centre of public conscience. And who else has been sprinting miles ahead the rest but Nike? See: Our own attendance at the Nike Air Summits. With over 50 years of experience cushioning the run-inclined with the perfect sneakers, they've cemented their status as game-changers in the field. Or pitch. Or track, you pick.

And now, a new shoe has entered the gauntlet. The Nike Pegasus 41 is the newest iteration of the Pegasus Running design that's available for purchase. Ready? Let's get stuck into it.

What's the history behind the Pegasus 41?

Since the Pegasus inception in 1983, Nike runners have been synonymous with performance and price-point. The first of its kind debut at the 1982 New York City’s famous race and incorporated a then-innovative “Air Wedge” Air sole in the heel. Aiming for perfection has always been the goalpost. The model creation of the Pegasus started with the initiative to sculpt the perfect shoe at an attainable price. The first iteration of the Pegasus took form with the Nike Air Zoom, offering the best cushioning of any Nike shoe that had existed since that point. Now, 40 beloved pairs later, the Pegasus 41 has taken its place.


What features does the new Pegasus 41 have?

Good news for loyalists - the Pegasus 41 has the same great fit we're all used to. The change happens in the new, springy ReactX foam for a smoother, energetic sensation at the heel. The all-new ReactX foam midsole is a whopping 13% more responsive than a React foam midsole in the Pegasus 40, with a new-engineered mesh upper lid. The shoe comes in a customary off-white with an electric-blue swoosh. A streak of burnt orange runs along the edges atop of the React foam midsole.


What sustainable impact does the Pegasus 41 have?

Nike has always been about the planet. And so are we. Nike ReactX foam is rendered purposefully to reduce its carbon footprint. Due to reduced manufacturing processes, the newest Pegasus will reduce its footprint to 43%. Thanks to the cradle-to-gate assessment reviewed by PRé Sustainability B.V and Intertek China, you can rest assured that your next Nike will be off-setting any harmful emissions.


Where can I get my hands on the Pegasus 41?

The Pegasus 41 is now available to purchase on and in select retail stores from AUD $200. Run, don't walk. We'll race you there.


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