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Looking to update your summer wardrobe? Add these new denim pieces to your cart immediately

Neuw Denim Dark Resort Collection

It’s only every so often that a brand captivates our hearts by mixing old with new. Neuw Denim is one such brand that effortlessly blends its Scandinavian heritage with a rock & roll edge. With their latest offering, the Dark Resort collection, Neuw Denim has invited us all to the dark, sultry denim party. A perfect offering for those sizzling summer nights in the city.

Which pieces are we coveting from the Neuw Denim Dark Resort collection?

This seasonal collection gives us “add all to cart” energy, providing both men and women a smorgasbord of wardrobe essentials, featuring subtle textures and sheer layers. I mustn’t gatekeep – my personal favourite? It’s a tie between the black Sheer Shift dress and the Jonesy Maxi Skirt. Chef’s kiss.

Neuw Denim Dark Resort Collection

Why does Neuw Denim feel so different to other denim?

The brainchild of three friends hailing from Stockholm and Melbourne, Neuw was founded in 2009 with a vision that prioritised cultural integrity over profit. Inspired by the charm of Neuwlandstraat, Brussels, where Creative Director and Co-founder Pär Lundqvist lived and began to transform denim pieces from his vintage collection, Neuw Denim was born out of a passion for creating something extraordinary.

This brand seamlessly melds Nordic design with the laid-back Melbourne aesthetic, drawing inspiration from the trio's shared love for contemporary music, art, and vintage design. The result? A collection of denim that is nothing short of spectacular.

Referencing a treasure trove of personal denim archives dating back over a century, Neuw curates the finest fits, fabrics, and finishes. Employing traditional approaches to pattern-making and tailoring ensures each piece is expertly crafted for both longevity and comfort, gradually sculpting itself to your body and becoming better with every wear.

Where can you get your Neuw Denim?

This new collection is now available globally in Neuw stores and quality retailers. Go forth! Live your denim dreams... you are most welcome.

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