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Moving forward with Jeannie Bourke

Venustus’s Jeannie Bourke is a woman on a mission. Whether it’s being a part of the organic solution, educating others or simply making sure you feel relaxed. From her salon in Sydney’s Paddington, Bourke shares the moments that cemented her path.

My breakthrough career moment was …
Breakthroughs for me are chasing constant improvements, it’s never, ever enough – just ask my staff. First breakthrough: first facial at 18 and I knew, this is how I want to make people feel. First OMG breakthrough: aromatherapy worked! Whatever the skin needed therapeutically, was exactly what they needed energetically (and vice versa). First breakthrough at work: moving Venustus to organic ingredients, choosing to be cruelty free. Being part of the solution, not part of the problem.

My favourite career memory / highlight is …
It was when I discovered that I can train people to be better than they dreamed they’d be. That’s when I decided to only hire people I really liked – they had to have passion, loyalty, a strong moral code, evolved energy and a sense of family.

The top 5 most useful products in the spa are …
[To] clear and cleanse the energy of the space: smudging sage / atmospheric room mists.
Information: text books on everything relevant to our work.
Equipment: diagnostics, steamers (facials / hot towels), steriliser (autoclave, high frequency), frimator (brush machine), lithos (hot / cold rocks), Venustus (private label) over 100 products to choose from.
Perfumes (mood enhancers - with 3 deep breaths these can change the way you feel in the moment).

At Venustus, these change with what’s happening with research and what’s needed.

The product(s) most worth the investment are …
Organic Bulgarian Rose essential oil; serums have the deepest penetration ability, especially needed in Australia.
Organic raspberry seed oil; environmental protection factor [for] urban living.
Super fine granules (pollution solutions).
Organic peach kernel oil, carrying active ingredients.
Organic lavender and chamomile for your space at home. Take the time to light burners and add drops to your bath.

It’s different for each person, what each person will need. Venustus personalise, customise and create skincare for you.

My advice to people getting started in the industry is …
Find a company or boss who invests in training (and I’m not talking about your product training). It’s about adding to your body of work. Venustus’s elite staff have a collection of skills which are unique within the industry: beauty therapy, Hawaiian, remedial, lithos (hot rock), facial shiatsu, reflexology, facial hot and cold massage, Indian head massage, shirodhara, Reiki, crystal healing, poultice massage.

My biggest beauty trick / tip is …
Organic perfumes smell great, and have therapeutic values. And carrier oils can be used to deeply hydrate the face, neck and eyes, as well as cleanse and remove every kind of make up.