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Moroccan moments with photographer Amie Jones

From New Year's Eve on a rooftop in Marrakech to the hidden fishing village of Immsouane, chased always by endless blue sky, art director and photographer Amie Jones shares memories from her road trip across Morocco.

"Winter sun hitting secret doorways in Fes. The intricacy and detailing of the woodwork and tiling is astonishing."

"Berber Lodge, Marrakech."

"Prickly Pears in Tinghir."

"Morning moments hidden away in the Atlas Mountains."

"Riads offer a quiet relief from the insanity of the Medina. We would retire here after a long day on our feet, listen to the birds whistling in the palms, the faint sound of French accents echoing from the kitchen and the earthy rock of Cat Stevens."

"The snowcapped Atlas Mountains block the horizon, but the sun finds it’s way to wake you."

"Palmeries in the desert remind you that an Oasis is nearby."

"The road to Essaouira."

"The Atlantic coast."

"Sundown in Immsouane, a hidden fishing and surf village north of Agadir. After being land locked for two weeks, we were happy to see the ocean, breathe in some salt and eat coal cooked seafood."

"Driving the winding cliff roads leading down to Immsouane will get your heart racing."

"Desert sunrise. Winter temperatures in the desert are icy, but it was worth the early rise to watch the sun peak over the horizon."

"Treasure hunting."

"New Years eve on a Marrakech rooftop. The glow of lanterns illuminated the street below once the sun had set. We toasted with Moroccan tea, but barely made it to midnight."

"The landscape is mesmerising. Driving from one end of the country to the other, we saw it all - vast flat plains, tropical palmeries, lush green hillsides, eerie rocky mountains and red sandy desert dunes. The one constant was the sky. In four weeks we never saw it change."

"Some days we wouldn’t see another car for hours on end, but would encounter run-ins with wild camels. We listened to Paul Kelly and snacked on roadside walnuts and clementines."

"The botanical oasis. A world of its own. Exotic pools filled with bubbling water fountains, water lilies and lotus flowers."

"A maze of exotic greens – cactus, yuccas, water lillies, palms, banana trees and bamboos, the scent of jasmine filled the air. This is a true oasis from the chaotic city outside the garden walls."

"Jardin Marjorelle."

"Musée Yves Saint Laurent, Marrakech."

"Jacques Majorelle once lived here with his wife in a cubist villa nestled in amongst the luxury garden. Saint Laurent and his partner Pierre Berge bought the property in 1980, 18 years after Marjorelle died. The pair never left Marrakech after this. Saving the garden tied them to the city and is is filled with their heart and spirit. We lost track of time, imagining long African days with Yves in his kaftans sprawled across oriental carpets, surrounded by sweeping bougainvillea, sketching his silhouettes. After what seemed like hours, we stopped for an al fresco lunch in the garden café."

"Berber Lodge, Marrakech."