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Model and editor Mercy Sang shares her approach to layering jewellery


In partnership with Kirstin Ash

For model and POCC Magazine editor, Mercy Sang, dressing should be about balance. She appreciates the allure of maximalism but also finds herself leaning into the key tenets of minimalism. It's clear that this approach filters into the way she selects her jewellery. Mixing metals is welcome, not a cardinal sin, and when layering necklaces and earrings from the Kirstin Ash 'Ear Studio' collection, the key is to create texture.

Here at RUSSH we connected with Mercy, who takes us through her favourite pieces from Kirstin Ash's 'Ear Studio' collection. Each piece in the range has been lovingly crafted with the belief in timeless jewellery imbued with sentiment. Below, Mercy shares her jewellery styling tips, why Miuccia Prada is her forever style muse and some sage words to live by.

Describe what you do for a living? What does a typical day look like for you?

I am the founder and editor of People of Colour Magazine (POCC). A magazine that aims to champion and highlight diversity and underrepresented individuals across all spectrums of the creative industry and a model. My days tend to vary an average day for me is on set either modelling, styling or editing.


What do you wish more people knew about you?

I am a quiet and inward person most of the time.


Going into summer, what’s your approach to jewellery?

Simple and clean, but also depends on my outfit!


Minimalism or maximalism?

I really appreciate both, I often enjoy wearing a minimal outfit with a statement accessory.


Gold, silver, or both?

Both, there is room for both!


Do you have any styling tips for those looking to layer their jewellery?

There are no rules with layering jewellery other than the biggest and the most statement piece first. Mixing texture and lengths.


Studs or hoops?

Hoops, always!


How would you transition an ear-layered look from day to night?

I prefer a more toned-down look for daytime, and a big statement piece for evenings elevates any night look. The bigger, the better!

What’s your favourite piece from the Kirstin Ash ‘Ear Studio’ collection and why?

The deco hoops - they can easily be styled with other pieces or worn alone and still make a chic statement.


How do you stay creative?

Watching my favourite films and being surrounded by people who have the same interests as me.


Do you have a style icon? Who are they and how do they influence you?

Muccia Prada, she encourages me to think outside the box always and reconsider how I think about beauty and my approach to fashion. She is both classic yet pushes the boundaries.


My words to live by are...

Don't take anything personally.


You can shop the 'Ear Studio' Collection by Kirstin Ash at on the designers website.

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