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Mimi Elashiry talks us through her cold-season rituals and winter wardrobe staples

Mimi Elashiry talks us through her cold-season rituals and winter wardrobe staples

There aren't many people we trust in the department of taste quite like Mimi Elashiry. The Australian model and social media star is an immaculate dresser, cook and collector of all things cool (she's a self-professed "bowerbird", harbouring trinkets from all over the world to take home to her nest).

A longstanding lover and wearer of Australian-owned brands, Elashiry headed on set with Sydney-based fashion label Cue, donning their latest collection, which teems with hardworking, contemporary silhouettes. Belted leather trenches, transitional jackets and shoulder bags in deep, oxblood reds, and double-breasted wool coats round out the collection; Elashiry breathing life into each piece with her distinct and daring demeanour.

RUSSH caught up with Elashiry while she was on set to gather her thoughts on cool-weather rituals, connecting the old with the new, and how she'll be styling her favourite pieces from Cue's new collection over the cooler months. Find our conversation below.

This Cue collection is about “connecting the past with the future” – i.e. enmeshing the old with the new. How do you like to incorporate this ethos into your own wardrobing?

I love this theme – my favourite pieces in my wardrobe are the timeless, stunning suiting and tailoring from my mum, when she lived in Japan in the 80s and 90s. I always mix these pieces with new, forward-thinking brands with futuristic designs. I feel connecting the past with the future is the crux of my personal style.

What are some of your favourite pieces from your shoot in the collection, and how would you style them?

I loved the Hourglass Coat with shaped waist. It is such a chic and beautiful spin on a gorgeous classic wardrobe staple. In winter, I want that no-brainer piece that I can throw on, rug up in and feel warm, shoulders to ankles, and feel fabulous! However, you can often lose your shape under all the layers. This coat comes in at the waist and has such a stunning shape. I actually can't wait to have this piece in my wardrobe and wear it all winter!

I adored the long-sleeve Zip Detail Jersey Midi Dress. This, paired back with tights as it was styled in the shoot, is so sexy, yet warm. And if you pull the zip up or down on the leg split, you can go from business to sexy dinner date in two seconds!

How important is it for you to support homegrown labels?

For me it is important to support homegrown labels, not only because we have so much incredible talent and long-standing, trusted brands here in Australia, but because of the carbon footprint of shipping. If you can walk into a shop, no matter what you're buying, try things on, get the right size and walk out with it, you save wrapping, packaging, shipping and potentially cost + footprint of returns as well as original shipping. Every little bit counts!

As Australians leave behind the last of the summer heat, what autumnal and winter pieces are you most looking forward to re-introducing into your wardrobe?

For autumn I am really looking forward to re-introducing my tailored pieces – I just love the structure, and being covered up but still feeling like my outfit has shape and form. Through summer, especially this last one, I lived in a sarong, so some tailored skirts, blazers, coats, shirts and shorts (which is most of my wardrobe) sounds, looks and feels amazing.

Do you have any autumnal or winter rituals that you like to incorporate into your routine as the days get shorter and the weather gets cooler?

It is a juggling act in the cold weather. Staying warm, moving and nourishing myself with seasonal food, and plenty of introspective alone time (journal in hand) are my priority. Winter is a time for journeying inwards, uncovering what lays dormant within myself, diving deep and doing some inner work.

Most days, especially in winter, I get up early (before the sun) even though the weather (and my mind) suggests I sleep in (it's mind over matter!). I take yoga at home, do pilates at STRONG, or go for a walk as the sun rises – it depends on how I feel. This warms me up before sitting down to work. I drink lots of herbal tea as I work from home during the middle of the day, I avoid anything cold or iced during colder months, including cold water (I drink it room temp or warmer with lemon). For meals: soups, bone broth, warm breakfasts (avoiding smoothies).


I love to visit the sauna and ice baths, and do breath work 2-3 times a week – especially down here in Melbourne – for my immune system and to regulate my body temperature. All of these things come together to create a seasonal way of living, keeping my internal landscape warm, healthy and active even as the landscape outside sleeps.



You can shop Cue's new collection on the Cue website and in stores.

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