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Get to know ‘The Opposite Thing’ by London’s Miista

Designed out of a quaint little studio in Bethnal Green in London and with all its footwear made in Spain, Miista have definitely been one to keep themselves busy, taking the reigns one by one of every heart in every major city. Since the brands early East London beginnings in footwear, we now welcome and introduce the launch of Miista ready-to-wear, for the first time with its new debut collection titled - The Opposite Thing.



Campaigned by the ethereal beauty that is model and brand's muse Jess Maybury, after a decade in designing the best in square toed boots, loafers, sandals and court shoes - the brand has defiantly made its move into clothing. Embarking on its debut with a 64 piece collection celebrating Spain and the brands Spanish roots, the company reinstates its ethos that - "buying stuff is sexy. Ruining the planet while you do it isn’t," with the collection and its emphasis on texture, quality, timelessness and longevity. Once again, taking fashion ethics to a whole new level, the brand takes on full ownership of its supply chain, this time producing out of its own factory to ensure responsible and ethical production practices. Having always gone against the grain of fast fashion and that of a quick sale, the brands new ready-to-wear collection goes on to reflect the brands inherent and most admirable belief that "the human power of real life artisans simply cannot be replaced by machines."



The collection envisions quirky new iterations in knitwear and ready to wear with merino ribbed two piece sets, leather ensembles and gabardine trenches as well as an extension into accessories with crossbody bags, totes and purses. Miista's new ready to wear collection titled "The Opposite Thing" launched August 9th and is available now online through To view the full collection and for more information visit Miista's website, with all updates available through all official Miista social media channels.


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