Micah Barnes

ISA ARFEN shirt; LEVI’S jeans; DR. MARTENS shoes.

Micah Barnes cannot sit still. It’s information she offers herself, freely, and after spending more than a few moments in her company you realise she’s telling the truth. It’s no surprise then to find out Barnes is an accomplished dancer as well as a model. “I like to always be on the move, whether it’s going to different countries or just being physically active,” she explains. “Like taking dance, gymnastics or martial arts classes. And if there’s music on, I’ll probably be busting a move.”

Stylist’s own jacket; LEVI’S jeans; DR. MARTENS shoes; TABIO socks.

Barnes had a nomadic childhood; her family relocated from England to Germany when she was 10, before moving to France then Portugal. “Having to adapt to new cultures and new languages definitely broadened my horizons and made me a very independent person,” she explains. “Being the half Jamaican-British kid, I've learnt to embrace my uniqueness. I thrive on change and new experiences.”

“For as long as I can remember I've always been obsessed with dancing and every single dance movie… It's still one of my favourite things, I love that you can zone everything out during that one hour of class and release some serious endorphins.”

ROCKINS shirt.
Stylist’s own coat; ISA ARFEN shirt; LEVI’S jeans; DR. MARTENS shoes.

When it comes to style Barnes leans towards the 90s, with an oversized jacket and Dr. Martens in tow. “It’s by far my favourite decade music and style-wise,” she says. “I'm usually wearing one oversized item, whether it's a … sweater or baggy pants. And I love me a cinched high waist.” She lives by a mantra to “not take things too seriously, and make everything as fun as possible”, and looks up to the ones she knows best.

“I guess I look up to my friends and members of my family because they all possess certain traits that inspire me and that I admire,” she explains. “My mum is the most logical thinker I know, she always put things into perspective and if there's ever a problem, will work out a solution like a little human calculator.”

ISA ARFEN jumper and pants; DR. MARTENS shoes; stylist’s own bra; ROCKINS scarf.
ISA ARFEN shirt; LEVI’S jeans; DR. MARTENS shoes.

“I speak fluent German, which is apparently the most widely spoken in the EU, and also the sexiest. Apparently.”

Stylist’s own coat; ISA ARFEN shirt.

FASHION Bridie Gilbert
MODEL Micah Barnes @ W Models
MAKEUP Chloe Rose

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