Bespoke Laser Facial, Melanie Grant Clinic, Sydney

At the Melanie Grant clinic in Double Bay a Bespoke Laser Facial is customised to the individual. Combining IPL, Nd:YAG and Radiofrequency to treat a wide range of skin concerns such as pigmentation, capillaries, diffused redness, textural irregulars and overall skin tone. The number of treatments needed is dependent on the skin type and condition – it can range anywhere between 2 and 6 treatments.

"I first started incorporating lasers and IPL into my work around 2002, and immediately loved this aspect of treating skin,” says Grant. “It really excited me for two reasons; used properly the technologies delivered true results, and said results could be produced relatively quickly. Effective in treating concerns from sun damage to scarring, loss of elasticity to redness and textural irregularities, each experience can offer new results from client to client and treatment to treatment. As with all of my practice, every aspect of each Bespoke Laser Facial is customised entirely for the individual.”