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Meet the muses behind Louis Vuitton’s Pre-Fall collection

Alicia Vikander, Léa Seydoux, Samara Weaving, Ruth Negga - just a few of the names that feature in the star-studded campaign for Louis Vuitton’s Pre-Fall collection. The most influential women you can fit into a 35-second clip, the campaign celebrates unique expressions of femininity as interpreted by the individual. In the words of artistic director Nicolas Ghesquière, “These women embrace the various personalities that embody fashion at Louis Vuitton. Be they stars or new faces, all of them share the same willpower and confidence in their choices, and at the same time, they reflect the eclecticism of the female identity”.

Each muse brings her own attitude and aesthetic to the collection, with a subtle glance or a sullen smile instantly transforming the look into her own. Hints of classic Louis Vuitton prints and design are effortlessly interwoven into the woman’s own sensibility, revealing how truly versatile the collection is. Pieces for the modern woman, one that takes on the city during the week but escapes to nature on the weekend. A collection of seeming contradictions - think strong tailored lines paired with oversized jumpers and white floral blouses to match - Louis Vuitton masters the art of clashing prints to create an eclectically bold ensemble. Add an iconic bag into the mix, and it’s safe to say we’re ready to express ourselves à la Louis Vuitton.