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Meet the Clementines: Gucci invites you into their spellbinding romance

"Do you think in a relationship one is always chasing the other, somehow?” This is the question posed to The Clementines halfway through Gucci’s new short film, set to be the first in this year’s series of The Performers. The five-part series explores the inspiration and driving motivations behind creatives with cultural significance. In Act 1 we pay a visit to married musicians Florence and Benjamin Clementine’s dreamy Californian home, where they live together with their one-year-old son, Julian Juniper, born on Christmas Day.

The film spotlights the beautiful and, at times, fragile relationship of a creative couple operating in the same field. Capturing a day in their bohemian lives, we see how the Clementines have chosen to press pause on their individual creative pursuits in an attempt to pursue a combined musical endeavour in their isolated home. When romance, parenthood, life and work all happen under the one roof, where does one end and another begin? Or is it better when the boundaries blur? The film is not an attempt to answer any questions, rather it invites us into a world covered by a romantic haze, where time seems to bend and Gucci is worn to tend to the garden. We glimpse a couple deeply in love, living in a home built on self-expression and mutual adoration.

And what’s not to adore? Benjamin Clementine, discovered as a homeless street artist living in Paris, is a poet, actor and musician. He won the prestigious Mercury Award for his debut album At Least for Now in 2015. Before the pair were wed, Florence Clementine, performed under the moniker Flo Morrissey. She released her debut album, Tomorrow Will Be Beautiful, and international critical acclaim ensured. Together, they're music’s latest powerhouse couple. A modern Jane and Serge, a new Sonny and Cher. A tender love to last the ages.