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Man of distinction: Marc Jacobs launches new fashion label

We can’t think of a designer who has earned a capital ‘THE’ more than the omni-present figure that is Marc Jacobs. With a career spanning over 30 years, a baby-faced Jacobs sparked a fresh fashion energy with his first collection in in the mid-80s, and his 2000-era collections for Louis Vuitton have become the stuff of fashion legend. Jacobs' penchant for self-titling his lines is emblematic of the unabashed level of self-confidence we should all aspire to have - Marc Jacobs, Marc by Marc Jacobs, etc - and now he reintroduces himself with the launch of his new label, THE Marc Jacobs.

THE Marc Jacobs ready-to-wear line includes clothing, bags, shoes and jewellery, with a dash of specialty items included for good measure. The label has been designed to complement the house’s main runway collection, but differs from the main collection in that it won’t be designed by looks, rather focusing on designing piece by piece. Each individually thought out item begins with a ‘the’. There’s ‘The Tuxedo Pant’, ‘The Left and Right Tights’ and ‘The Victorian Blouse’. Jacobs’ hope is that this new line will inspire people to style his items in their own way, rather than purchasing head-to-toe looks.

The collection is heavily influenced by archival pieces from Jacobs’ long history, but imbued with current day pop culture, music and art references to bring it into the modern era. The unexpected nature of the line continues with its varied collaborations: Jacobs has teamed up with everybody from Sofia Coppola to Snoopy and New York Magazine. Right now you can shop current items on Marc Jacobs website, and with this new label coming in at a much lower price point than the main line, guilt-free cart adding awaits your fingertips.