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Malin Landaeus vintage, NY

A year and a half ago I moved to New York, having barely visited the city and knowing very few people. One rainy afternoon, I stumbled across Malin Landaeus' eponymous boutique. A veritable treasure trove, Malin's collection of carefully curated vintage is a testament to its owner. Each piece has been chosen with love and care, an attitude that Malin offers her customers, welcoming them into her shop with tea and cake, served from a kitchenette that doubles as a sales counter.

With a unique eye for fabulous pieces and forthcoming trends, Malin's collection includes everything from denim to eveningwear, and even some hand-dyed pieces that she makes herself. Having begun as a flea market seller, Malin acquired her space nine years ago, transforming the little shop in Williamsburg into a retail gem by remodelling the maple exterior and filling it with her warm spirit and exquisite pieces.

Also a reiki practitioner, Malin's approach to retail is unlike any other, with her impetus being on caring for her customers, rather than keeping her eye fixed on the bottom line. Instead, she believes that "everything in here belongs on someone; it's my job to do the matchmaking". But bank balances beware - Malin is a very effective matchmaker!

Find Malin's collection at 157 N 6th Street, Brooklyn. Follow her on Instagram @malinlandaeusvintage.

Georgia Graham is a model and writer @bfg_graham.