Lucy Boynton will play Marie Antoinette in a new biopic, and truly, we couldn’t have cast it better

Lucy Boynton Marie Antoinette

We'll admit; there aren't many performances that will ever be able to live up to Kirsten Dunst's portrayal of Marie Antoinette. Sofia Coppola's iconic 2006 biopic is truly like no other; and in the 15 years that have passed since this moment, Antoinette has remained a relatively untouched figure in cinematic history. Until now; with confirmation that Lucy Boynton is set to portray the role in a new biopic, but surprisingly the film isn't all about her.

Boynton's upcoming role will see the 27-year-old actor highlight a more lesser-known aspect of the notorious queen’s story; starring opposite Kelvin Harrison, Jr. in Chevalier de Saint-Georges. If the name Chevalier de Saint-Georges doesn't ring a bell in your knowledge of French neoclassical history, you would be forgiven.

De Saint-Georges was both a successful classical composer and champion fencer and by the sounds of this upcoming biopic, also had a relationship of note with Antoinette. Born to an African mother who was enslaved and a French father who owned a plantation; de Saint-Georges was known by many in late 18th-century French high society as "Black Mozart",  and as you can imagine, this wasn't exactly a term of endearment.

However, Antoinette happened to be one of the composer's personal fans and attending many of his performances and concerts – a seal of approval that saw de Saint-Georges climb quickly up the social ladder. But as is the case with all 'good' things in French high society, de Saint-Georges status came crumbling after a fall out with the queen and her court.

Little is known about de Saint-Georges and Antoinette's personal relationship in the history books, but it definitely wouldn't be a far stretch to assume that an affair was involved. There's also been mention of another Marie who was in the picture, and who will portrayed by Samara Weaving. Regardless of how the film plays out, we know for certain that Lucy Boynton will make a mighty fine Marie Antoinette.

In preparation for Marie Antoinette's on-screen revival, live the indulgent life of the infamous queen with a night's stay at the Palace of Versailles hotel.

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