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Lucinda Taffs on why the Auteur woman isn’t afraid to be herself

Named for the world’s Auteurs: artists who apply a highly centralised and subjective control to many aspects of a collaborative creative work; in other words, a person equivalent to an author of a novel or a play.

Vintage inspirations meet a contemporary lens. A curated selection of easy-to-wear pieces and timeless silhouettes that are effortlessly feminine. This is the Auteur woman. Homegrown Australian model and photographer Lucinda Taffs launched her new brand during an unpredictable time of global unrest. Through COVID-19 restrictions and more, she has released Auteurs’ capsule three collection, all the while adapting to a new normal. A burst of colour, floral prints, sleek lines and natural textures, capsule three embraces nostalgic silhouettes of the 60s and 70s and transforms them into modern statement classics.

The campaign shoot and film was shot in isolation at home with Taffs collaborating with friends Elly McGaw and brand muse Nour. A merging of creative talents showcasing beautiful pieces. Take a first look at the images and film below, along with our interview with Lucinda Taffs on her inspirations and hopes for the new world.



Tell us about your brand…

With Auteur, I wanted to create a brand that was bold and exciting; seeking to design pieces that evoke an emotional reaction for the wearer & clothes that I dreamed of having in my wardrobe. Fashion & design has always been a part of my life and heritage.  My Grandmother and Grandfather had their own fashion house ‘Taffs Fashion’, and I have many memories of being really young and playing dress ups in my Nans wardrobe, when she would take me through her vintage collection of pieces she had saved from the ‘50s. I remember thinking how wonderful all her dresses were, and adoring all the beautiful details. Really, Auteur was born out of a love for vintage, for creativity, and for strong women, like my Grandmother, who love to express themselves through clothes.

A curated selection of easy-to-wear pieces and timeless silhouettes that are effortlessly feminine. This is the Auteur...

Posted by RUSSH MAGAZINE on Thursday, July 16, 2020


What were the inspirations behind Auteur’s Capsule Three collection?

Capsule three was inspired by the jet set utopianism of the 60’s and 70s, and transforming that into something modern. Flowers are always in my prints, and I was inspired by more natural colours reflected in nature. The problem with over consumption and waste has always been a factor for Auteur and has urged me to transform surplus into something new and beautiful - hence the use of recycled fabrics and natural textures which are implemented (like organic cotton and linen).



What are some of your favourite pieces?

This season, I love my knit pieces. They are so comfortable and easy to wear all year round - in summer with a sandal or paired back with boots and trench for fall.


How have you found launching a new brand during a time of global pandemic and change?

Now, more than ever, people want to feel connected. Two things that 2020 has made abundantly evident is our connectedness and our vulnerability. I want people to feel connected to Auteur, if even in the smallest way. My clothes are made to make women feel good, confident and connected to each other. Auteur is at the beginning of its journey, and I’m taking as many steps as possible to implement sustainable practices. Whilst I recognize the contradiction between an industry that runs off consumption, with the concept of sustainability, I am focusing on making as many informed choices as possible. One area we are focusing on is taking responsibility for fabrics at the design stage. This is a challenge for the industry as a whole, and a journey that Auteur is excited to embrace.



What have been some of the biggest challenges?

Honestly, I have just tried to take this whole experience and turn it into a positive. The unknown was obviously pretty frightening at first, and I was really concerned for the more vulnerable members of my family and the community. That was truly the most challenging for me - being separated from them in Australia whilst we began this unknown journey. I miss them very much!


What are some positive outcomes from this experience?

Taking some time to just slow down a little and really think about how Auteur could be the best for our customer. I personally spent this time really thinking about and researching how we can turn Auteur in a more sustainable brand for the future.



You shot your latest campaign and film from home during quarantine, how did you find being creative within limitations?

It was definitely a challenge, but I’m really proud of what we created. I’m really grateful to Nour for joining us via a Zoom call, and Elly, my quarantine sister, for being a part of it with me.


My current state of mind is…

Trying to stay as inspired possible!!! Trying new things, reading, cooking, sketching. For now, just keep moving.



What do you appreciate the most right now?

Honestly? My puppies. I’ve been fostering, and it’s honestly been the best thing ever.


My hopes and dreams for the future are…

Goodbye Donald Trump.