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Louis Vuitton offers its own take on ‘The Little Mermaid’ for Resort 2024

louis vuitton resort 2023

Resort presentations are always about location. Many of us can chalk up our most decadent, albeit vicarious, travels to the nerve of fashion's leading creative directors. A private island in Italy's lake district? We can now check it off our bucket list. That's precisely where Nicolas Ghesquière held the Louis Vuitton Resort 2024 collection, ferrying along names like Lea Seydoux, Cate Blanchett, Phoebe Dynevor, Samara Weaving, Mia Wasikowska and some thousand other guests along with him.

From the meticulous grounds of an island set in Lake Maggiore, home to Italy's Borromeo family for centuries, Ghesquière hatched a fashion show where everything from the clothes to the environment conjured up a fairy tale as old as the House of Borromeo itself. While neoprene scuba suits and technical fabrics gave the collection a futuristic edge, there were other elements, like tall feathered headpieces and frothy, gauzy gowns the texture of seafoam that balanced the clothes with an ethereal softness.

There was an undeniable aquatic thread that passed through the collection. Perhaps a salute to The Little Mermaid itself, as it debuts in theatres? Scalloped hems and flared fin-like necklines delivered an amphibian quality. While silk robes with hooped sleeves, paired with upturned half moon hats that resembled the shape of a tricorn and slouchy calf-height boots contributed to the seafaring spectacle. Gradually, as the looks filed out Louis Vuitton's little mermaids transitioned into elegant landwalkers, ready to put their days in the surrounding lake behind them.

Familiar faces surfaced throughout; including Australian models Angelina Kendall and Ella McCutcheon. Pat McGrath's handiwork could be found on the bronzed but otherwise bare-faced complexions. Duffy is behind the artful flyaways and windswept hair, which was luckily captured in the early staging of the show, before the clouds opened up and the rain pummelled the tiny island.

Take your time to experience our highlights from the Louis Vuitton Resort 2024 collection via the images below, and soak up the surrounds of this exclusive Italian vacation.

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