London’s hidden gem – introducing Pfeffer Sal

At the far end of a quiet mews in Fitzrovia is Pfeffer Sal, Andrea Pfeffer’s beauty clinic.

I was interested in Pfeffer Sal because of it’s reputation amongst the in-the-know for being the best in the business, and it’s philosophy: no-nonsense skin care with effective solutions, where less is more and understanding your skin and an approach to your overall health is key.

Once inside, I was welcomed and brought through to a quiet sitting area to fill out my client card. Straight away I could sense that Pfeffer Sal was more than a beauty clinic, it felt like I was being let into a best kept secret. Smiling women with beautiful, radiant skin speaking in hushed voices passed by as I noted down my beauty regime and skin priorities.

My treatment began with a Skin MOT – a very thorough skin consultation beginning with six scans of your face using imaging technology to analyse current conditions and predict what’s in store. It was both fascinating and eye opening to understand my skin through the scans. My therapist discussed my concerns and took me through the Essential Facial I would be having.

The facial went for about 90 minutes and it was a dream. It was incredibly relaxing and my therapist was professional, knowledgeable and soothing. The Essential facial is Pfeffer Sal’s signature facial. It included a deep and thorough cleanse with extractions and resurfacing, a facial massage for face-lifting and a highly-potent mask made up of an exciting sounding vitamin cocktail, specifically concocted for my skin by my therapist, and applied and infused with an LED treatment to reach the cells directly and deeply.

Overall, I believe the treatment really did what Pfeffer Sal claimed it would. Afterwards, and in the days to come, my skin looked and felt hydrated and alive - I was glowing. I took away valuable information my therapist gave me for at home and ongoing skin care and felt armed with beauty knowledge to combat my concerns. A few days after I received an overview of my treatment and in-depth written analysis of my skin with positive suggestions about lifestyle, future treatments and a home care plan. I can’t recommend Pfeffer Sal highly enough.