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Obsessed with the Togo couch? Here’s where to shop Ligne Roset in Australia

Where to buy Ligne Roset in Australia

French furniture designers Ligne Roset have been quietly putting down roots in Australia, and the French interior design enthusiasts amongst us are simply overflowing with glee.

The family-run company came into inception in 1860, beginning as a wood-processing factory established by Antoine Roset in the Ain province of France. Today, Ligne Roset is heralded by the fourth generation of the Roset family, who have championed the brand as a fierce leader in modern luxury. They're best known perhaps for their exciting collaborations with award-winning designers like Didier Gomez, Pierre Paulin and Inga Sempé. In-house designers like Michel Ducaroy have also cut their teeth with the brand, Ducaroy perhaps being best known for his enduring Togo designs.


What is the Togo sofa?

Inspired by “a tube of toothpaste folded back on itself and closed at both ends,” according to designer Michel Ducaroy, the brand's Togo collection quickly became a global icon in the décor industry – popping up in the homes of some of the world's most influential and stylish trend-setters of the last 40 years.

The design celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, honouring the milestone anniversary by releasing a limited-edition covering until the end of 2023 – La Toile du Peintre by Pierre Frey. The vibrant, painterly textile reinterprets the work of contemporary artist painter, sculptor, textile designer Heather Chontos.


Is Ligne Roset a sustainable brand?

Placing sustainability at the heart of their business, Ligne Roset has adopted an environment-first approach since the 1970s. The brand has committed to recycling approximately 56% of their upholstery production as well as 92% of their cabinetry pieces each year.


Where can I purchase Ligne Roset in Australia?

Ligne Roset's new collection is now available for immediate purchase in Australian showrooms and via phone/email through prestigious furniture retailer, DOMO.

The collection features an array of eccentric pieces and soft-furnishings that invest in innovation and creativity, and continue to push the boundaries—experimenting with shape, material and texture. Celebrating the timelessness of their latest pieces, we wanted to show you our picks from their latest collection...


Ligne Roset Togo Corner Seat

Ligne Roset Interstice Low Table

Ligne Roset Hood Lamp Reading Lamp

Ligne Roset Natsu Rug

Ligne Roset Pukka Armchair

Ligne Roset Ursuline Desk

Ligne Roset Togo Footstool

Ligne Roset Verone Vase

Ligne Roset Episode Bedside Table


The perfect marriage between style and sustainability, what more could we ask for than Ligne Roset?

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Feature images (left to right): photograph by Derek Swalwell, photograph by Chelsea Hing, photograph by Tom Blachford