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Fans of ‘Call Me By Your Name’ will love bittersweet gay romance ‘Lie With Me’

lie with me

When Philippe Besson's autobiographical novel, Lie With Me, was translated into English by Molly Ringwald, it was quickly described as a "French Brokeback Mountain". But others believe it shares parallels with another novel spotlighting queer romance, André Aciman's Call Me By Your Name. So what's it about? Find all the details for Lie With Me, below.

What is Lie With Me about?

Lie With Me dances between present day and a summer in Cognac in 1984. It opens with Stéphane, a 50-something novelist who is invited back to his hometown to speak at a dinner for a luxury cognac brand. Memories of the author's final years in the town resurface when he encounters Lucas, a dead ringer of, Thomas, the boy he fell in love with 35 years ago. It turns out Lucas is Thomas' son, and their interactions play alongside vignette's of Stéphane and Thomas' star-crossed romance all those summers ago.

The story is bittersweet, Thomas is closeted and known for dating girls. Whereas Stéphane is gawky and the recipient of homophobic taunting by his classmates. As the two complete their final year of high school a relationship grows, based initially on sex and later, a tender intimacy. Of course, this romance is as fragile as the masculinity that inhibits it.

Who is involved?

Guillaume de Tonquédec stars as the middle-aged Stéphane, while Jérémy Gillet plays his younger self. Julien De Saint Jean is onboard as a young Thomas, while Victor Belmondo – the spitting image of his grandfather Jean-Paul Belmondo – plays the curious and pained Lucas.

Meanwhile, French screenwriter and director, Olivier Peyon, is responsible for adapting the story for the screen. Besson gave Peyon carte blanche for the script, and it was the director's role to find the right balance between honouring the true story that underpins Lie With Me, without sacrificing the film to excessive timeline jumping.

When will Lie With Me be available to watch?

We know the film will premiere in theatres across Ireland and the UK from August 18. However, there's no word yet on an Australian release date.

Is there a trailer?

Yes, there sure is. Catch the trailer for Lie With Me, below.

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