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The biggest changes to this year’s LG TV line up

LG StandbyMe

LG has long been one of the key players in the realm of television excellence. And the brand's 2024 television lineup shows us exactly why they are still one of the leaders in this space.

From portable options for content creators to more competitive prices, here are the most important things you need to know about the LG's new 2024 TV range.


Bigger screens than ever

Australians like big TV screens, so this year LG made them even more immense than before.

LG has introduced a new 98-inch QNED and 97-inch OLED M. To put this inspective, the 98-inch is roughly about 130 centimetres tall - that's a big, big screen.

These devices are designed to create a stadium experience at home. Australians love to watch sport (go Tillies!), and the 98 and 97-inch iterations offer a way to enhance the spectator experience, highlighting key details and allowing watchers the zoom to appreciate the intricacies of gameplay.


AI-powered graphics

The 2024 QNED range is equipped with the new Alpha (α) 8 AI Processor. In essence, this provides viewers with a more immersive experience than before.

There are improvements to graphic performance and processing speed. There is an auto-optimisation of picture quality that delivers intense detail definition, like more distinguished faces and objects. The new tech also priorisitises authentic colour reproduction.

The OLED G4 and M4 TVs also have the Alpha (α) 11 AI Processor. LG estimates this helps deliver a 70% improvement in graphic performance and a 30% faster processing speed. There is also an AI brightness control that actively measures the light in a room and adjusts the balance in the picture to suit the surroundings. These TVs also come with AI upscaling to sharpen elements of a picture that might appear blurry.


Software updates will be available for five years and backdated to 2022 models

In my view, this was the most important change that LG announced. It will allow the TV you buy today to stay relevant for five years. TVs are a big purchase, and consumers shouldn't drop thousands of dollars on a device only for it to be outdated and incompatible with new technology in just one to two years.

But LG has announced that with the introduction of its new webOS, LG Smart TVs will have access to webOS upgrades for five years. Additionally, this policy will be backdated to the 2022 models.


Portable screens

While this line up has some of the biggest screens ever, it also has some of the smallest. LG has introduced two more portable TV models, because not everyone wants a TV half the size of their living room wall.

The StandbyMe is a compact screen on rolling stand. It's the perfect size to run meeting presentations, to play workout videos or even stream TikTok content. At the same time, it's easily rolled into any part of your home or office.

It's sister screen, the StandbyMe Go has been designed with travellers in mind. It comes in a protective case and runs on battery. It also has a "table mode" that turns the device into a digital board game. A perfect companion for campers.


LG StandbyME Go


More competitive pricing

LG has also been modest with its pricing.

In fact some models are actually cheaper than in the past. The OLED B4 55 and 65-inch models and QNED86 65-inch model are 20% and 25% less than 2023 launch prices, respectively.


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