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Moments intertwined: Dior invites us to celebrate the joy of shared memories

La Collection Privée Christian Dior

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There's an unparalleled excitement that engulfs the holiday season. A peace of mind; an innate knowing that the end of each year will once again be wrapped in a bow of shared memories with friends, family and loved ones. The nostalgia and longing for ongoing traditions coupled with the vitality of the new. It's these moments and rituals which bring us together in the most unlikely of ways; embedding and intertwining to create unique experiences.



It's this gesture of shared memories and dedication to self-care that the La Collection Privée Christian Dior has always understood deeply; presenting an abundant offering of memory-making experiences that can be enjoyed privately and with others.

It starts off in the most intimate of ways; the simple act of getting ready for the biggest event in the December calendar. The rituals that lie in the art of preparation, created in the comfort and sanctuary of your home. Dimming the lights, the flickering of your favourite candle, nourishing the body with the smooth and milky texture of body lotion, and adding the final touch of your signature fragrance. Eventually, melting into something greater, something more, as you begin to pass on these moments of quiet significance to others.

For this year's holiday collection, the House is bringing a floral dream to life, with a family of perfumes, soaps, candles and other fragrant delights in its leading fragrance Gris Dior; a softly sophisticated, streamlined chypre. This timeless fragrance has become emblematic of Christian Dior, featuring elegant notes of jasmine, rose, oakmoss and citrus and is now available in the complete bath ritual. Ensuring that the holiday season can both begin and end with the magic of the full experience.

Like an invitation to cultivate your dreams and dive into a wonderfully rich, fragrant universe; artist Alice Shirley has finely illustrated flora and fauna in contrasting tones of rich blue, white and gold to adorn the luxurious packaging.



While these details alone are enough to inspire ahead of the celebrations to come, La Collection Privée Christian Dior has also introduced the addition of an entirely new line of body lotions; in scents Gris Dior, Lucky and Oud Ispahan. These new formulas mark a pivotal moment in the House's shift towards more considered products, striking a balance between an enjoyable fragrance and a promise of effectiveness and a natural approach.

Dior's body lotions are now composed of 90% natural origin ingredients; rid of all colorants and silicones. Which means you can enjoy the light, fluid, and easy to apply texture of the lotions with the assurance of a cleaner and greener approach.



Whether you're looking to celebrate new, personal rituals of indulgence, or long to share the gift of self-care, La Collection Privée Christian Dior reminds us that it's the most intimate moments that make for memorable celebrations.

You can explore the La Collection Privée Christian Dior now, directly through the Dior website.

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